*Sigh* No TWD Today

My (long, yay!) weekend was spent with the love of my life… nooo, baking is NOT my first love. Although, I’m sure my fiance would tell you differently 😉

me and the fiance

The weekend was filled with no baking, animals, a beautiful view of the sun glistened trees, a flowing river, no baking, competitive bowling on the wii,  grilling, and simple “us” time. Oh, and NO BAKING!!!

Wait…. do s’mores count as baking?

mmm... s'mores

I DID contemplate bringing some* supplies to bake the souffle anyhow. But I’m sure that bringing the entire kitchen wouldn’t have been ok with the fiance.

the fiance

*Notice how I said “some” when I really meant “all.” HA!

me (and the fiance)

This is why I love him. He puts his own…. flair…. on otherwise perfect photo opportunities 😉    Ah, the things I do for this man 🙂


Check out the TWD blogroll for bunches of bakers who DID make the souffles.


5 thoughts on “*Sigh* No TWD Today

  1. halfie says:

    dude. on that last picture, your eyes look absolutely amazing. i sure hope you didn’t photoshop ’em. cause hot damn! your eyeballs are so pretties ;D

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