SMS- Perfect Pound Cake

perfect pound cake

Sadly, I don’t have fond memories of my grandma in the kitchen with an adorable little apron, baking up her super extra secret recipe pound cake for me.

This is mainly due to the fact that I would have rather bothered the fishies in the pond, chased random bunnies, or wander aimlessly around the HUGE (to a child) backyard picking at all the bushes and trees for juicy fruit or smelling the endless amounts of flowers, than to be stuck in the hot kitchen while she fiddled with things on the counter that I was too short to see.

BOOOOOOOOOORING!! Hey, I was a kid! I needed adventure and excitiement. I NEEDED BUNNIES!! And back then I wasn’t finding my daily dose of adventure sitting in the kitchen. (Boy, am I eating my words now or what?)

But I miss that backyard. I miss my Oma. I have been thinking about you much more often than usual as of late. I can thank baking for that. I always remember devouring your goodies (I just don’t remember watching you baking them) and now I have picked up baking and I think that you would be proud. 🙂

my oma

This pound cake came together ridiculously fast and was ready in about 30 mins in my oven, but I baked for an extra 5 mins just to be certain that the cake was completely done (which I kicked myself for later, it was a bit on the dry side).

I made a simple orange glaze for it (1/4 cup oj + 1/4 sugar. bring to a roaring simmer until it thickens. stir and pour. easy as pie!) because I wanted the simplicity of the cake to shine!!

And shine it did. Just not for very long, its already gone 😉

perfect pound cake perfect pound cake
perfect pound cake *gone*

For the recipe, head on over to see Michele at Veggie Num Nums!


11 thoughts on “SMS- Perfect Pound Cake

  1. What a sweet post about your grandmother. I lost my grandmother about a year ago and I miss her lots too. It’s nice to have the memories 🙂

    Great job on the pound cake! It looks terrific, especially with that orange glaze. Yum!!

  2. Karin says:

    You are the only other person I have ever encountered that called their grandmother oma. My niece calls her grandmother that as well… The orange glaze sounds terrific!

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