Does anyone know how to change my google identity from my blogger address to my wordpress address?

My problem: when I go to leave a comment on someones blog, it asks me if I want to use my google account (and I do because I’m always signed in), that google account is linked to my old blog on blogger (which is the WRONG account to be linked to).  So when I leave you a comment it links back to blogger when I want it to link back to wordpress.

But I have NO IDEA how to change it.

If you do, please let me in on it 🙂

Thank you!


2 thoughts on “HALP!?

  1. Girl, Im telling you contact that Hershey comp. and ask them about the raspberry chips..they will do a search in your area. Also talk to the store managers. I just did for the cinnamon chips today. The lady was really nice and said she would try to get them in!

  2. Hi, not sure if you’ve resolved this yet or not, but if you haven’t – most blogs have an option for “Open ID” and if you pick that, you’ll be able to select WordPress and then put in your WordPress ID from there. That’s what I do. Blogger gives me a hard time sometimes and says that my Open ID can’t be verified, but usually if I try again, then it works.

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