TWD – Flaky Apple Turnovers (finally!)

apple turnovers

“I’m late, I’m late. For a very important date!!”   (name that movie)

This post is officially two days late, and I’m sorry for keeping you in such suspense (snork!) but the baking gods were against me for this “assignment” I swear. Some things came up Monday so I was only able to get the dough to its first chill. Then something ELSE came up on Tuesday and I only got the dough to the second chill. THEN late at night I realized that we were out of apples *glares at fiance* and I was much too tired to go to the store, get apples, come home, peel chop, toss, yada yada yada yada. So I FINALLY got my act together, got everything ready and made then last night and finished them! Yippee!! *Wipes sweat from brow*

The only changes I made: I made peach turnovers as well. I used a smidge less sour cream than called for, mainly because the 8 oz package didn’t yield an entire cups worth. Go figure. I also read that the apple flavor was a little lacking so I doubled the cinnamon and added a few dashes of ground clover and nutmeg. Next time I’ll chop the apples up into smaller pieces so I can put  more into each turnover and I’ll leave the dough a bit thicker (its easier to work with and who will say ‘no’ to more flaky pastry dough? Who?)

apple turnovers

My first bite into one of these warm turnovers and my soul smiled. I used all my senses: I inhaled the beautiful spicy aroma, I touched the flaky pastry dough, I listened to it crunch, I eyed the beautiful browning and cinnamon speckled apple bits, and lastly I took a bite and tasted a crisp fall in this adorable little package.

Suffice it to say, they were good! Better than good, they were fan-FREAKIN-tastic!!  With this being my first foray into turnovers and I DIDN’T mess something up… maybe I’m just a bit biased.

But I’m okay with that. 🙂

For this recipe, head on over to Julie’s blog Someone’s In The Kitchen.

apple turnovers


16 thoughts on “TWD – Flaky Apple Turnovers (finally!)

  1. Yahoo you got them made and Im so glad you did because they look freakin good! Your story was cute..a lot of chillin going on with these turnovers! They are so worth the wait though! Your turnovers look fantastic!

  2. SWOON!
    I followed you over from the other site…ooooh I’m so glad I did. I’ m gonna hang out a bit and look around, but my beehind may be sorry i did- everything looks delicious!!!::drool::
    Come on by and visit-

  3. Karin says:

    Better late than never! They look delicious- much better than the store bought patries sitting in the kitchen at my work right now 😦

  4. They’ve got to be pretty good if they’ve made your soul smile! Also better late than never (that’s what I’m telling myself because I’m so late I haven’t even started yet!)

  5. My goodness! Will you look at those cute little vents on top of those turnovers? I forgot to do that so they sprouted in various unpredicted places.

    BTW, I don’t know how much younger your sister is, but I bet she looks up to you. Mine was 10 years older–I still idolize her even though we are quite a bit different. I feel much closer to her than my sister who is just 18 mos younger. Go figure.

  6. uclala says:

    You’re soo right – your flaky apple/peach turnovers do look fan-FREAKIN-tastic!! =) I love the air slit vents vs the fork tines. It looks just perfect!

  7. Your turnovers are perfection! They look good enough to be sitting in a bakery 🙂 I had such high hopes for these turnovers because everyone seemed to love them, but something definitely went wrong with mine. I’m going to give them another shot soon.

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