SMS – Apple Orchard Pecan (and almond) Crumble


Sometimes my train of thought makes no sense to anyone but me. And it ALWAYS makes perfect sense in my head. It’s that when I write it down that I realize how randomly scattered my thoughts are and I must find the link that connects them all.

I wrote it down and then edited it and then deleted it only to attempt it again. Without any chance of you understanding what the hell I was talking about. So I warn you… this might make NO sense 😀

I’m going to link celery to crumbles. Stay with me….

I had these vivid flashbacks of eating a red version of celery with sugar as a child —> I set out to find what this “red celery-like” fruit/veggie/whatever was —> Fall upon a rhubarb crumble recipe and have an epiphany —> Aha! Its friggin rhubarb —> Scour the internets for a ridiculous amount of rhubarb recipes in light of said epiphany —> Run to numerous stores over the course of a few months searching for rhubarb and find none. NONE! —> Finally give up the witch hunt for rhubarb and sulk, sadly —> Pick up frozen bag of blueberries and almost fall to my knees with joy of finding a bag of rhubarb —> Purchase ramekins for personal sized crumbles for the rhubarb —> Never make said crumble —> Pine incessantly over wanting crumbles —> Reads this week’s SMS recipe —> REJOICE in crumbly euphoria.

Don’t look at me like that… I told you. I waaaaarned you. It makes NO SENSE. Mention crumble and I somehow come up with celery. But this is what runs through my head when I hear the word crumble. It makes sense to me. That’s all that counts, right? RIGHT?!


crumble crumble
crumble crumble

This crumble is quick to put together (provided you are an expert apple peeler and your nuts are already chopped) and tastes better the next day at room temperature (strictly my opinion). I am sad to report that there was NO VANILLA ICE CREAM or caramel drizzle ANYWHERE in my apartment, therefore my “perfect crumble” dreams…. crumbled. *sigh*

I think my crumble topping went south somewhere because it was more of a uniform-melty-nutty-caramely-crunchy-MASS than what I imagined. BUT maybe that’s what all of you came up with… or maybe I’m just a complete moron who can’t read and thinks of celery when “crumble” is mentioned. 😉

Please visit Cristine’s delightful blog, Cristine Cooks for the recipe. Visit the SMS blogroll to see how the other bakers fared with this crumble.


Please excuse the pictures. It was night-time and there was obviously NO NATURAL LIGHT to speak of.


13 thoughts on “SMS – Apple Orchard Pecan (and almond) Crumble

  1. OH, its all good. It happens. This is just so ironic. I read the whole thing about rhubarb crumble and the possibly related posts has strawberry rhubarb crumble on it.

    Looks good. My crumble part was still pretty crumble-y. Maybe it’s cause I double my crumble to apple proportion…

  2. I totally get it! Great story!

    I would have liked a little more crumble on mine but it was still yummy. I made the Brown Sugar Vanilla Ice Cream to go with mine and it was so good.

  3. Well it made complete sense to me but I’m a crazy person for sure 🙂 Your crumble looks awesome! There wasn’t any vanilla ice cream or caramel sauce in my house either but luckily I stuck a few crumbles in the freezer and I resolve to find either ice cream or sauce before baking them up!

  4. Texture association, that is what it is =). Your crumble looks delicious and you can always freeze some until you have the ice cream and caramel. I think you did a great job!

  5. Karin says:

    Your blog always gives me a good laugh! And don’t worry, your thought process makes complete sense to me… but I don’t necessarily make sense either. What a beautiful caramel color your crisp is- it looks delicious!

  6. Ha! I’ve always thought rhubarb looks like celery too. Your crumble looks yummy and it looks like you have some good apple-peeling skills. I had leftover caramel from last week’s TWD, but it didn’t last long for the crumble, sad.

  7. Great individual servings! Love all your photos.

    Dont you find it that when you have time to take nice photos, its always at NIGHT and there’s no natural light?!?!?

  8. This looks great! I love any sort of crumble. And I’ve never tried rhubarb…never would’ve guessed it was anythig like celery. To be honest, I’m a little nervous to try it… 🙂

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