TWD – Split Level Pudding

split level pudding

I have to admit, there was only ONE reason why I ever attempted to make this weeks TWD recipe choice: the fiance. I would be making something that he would actually TRY and possibly NOT make a face about.

I couldn’t deny him this (especially since EVERYTHING I’ve baked with TWD has been passed up by him. He’s a simple dessert man.) Making pudding from scratch irked me a bit, as I’ve never made it before. It was uncharted territory and that struck a bit of fear into my heart. I’m a weenie.

split level pudding

But oh boy let me tell you, if he never wants me to make it again I wouldn’t be hurt. There was more to do than I realized and here I thought this would be simple. In the pot to the processor back to the pot and back to the processor… it’s more than I want to deal with ever again. So, if there IS a next time, I’ll make it in a bowl with a whisk to minimize the hassle and spare myself some wasted nerves. Milk boiling over the pot kinda does that to ya.

I haven’t tried it yet and I didn’t get much time to photograph so I’ll update once its been tasted. Thanks to Garrett of The Flavor of Vanilla for choosing this recipe and forcing me to make my first from scratch pudding EVER!

If you’d like to know a bit more about Garrett, head on over to the TWD page and read the OSI post and head on over to the TWD blogroll to see how the other bakers fared.


10 thoughts on “TWD – Split Level Pudding

  1. There is nothing worse than milk boiling over. The smell and the mess. Your pudding looks beautiful and I love that you put it in a martini glass. This was yummy.

  2. Yes, not something I would spend the time to make again – anything with custard is too much for me! This looks great though!!! Nicely done!

  3. The pudding looks great, I hope your fiance ended up liking it! I learned what a pain the food processor was last time TWD made pudding and stuck with a whisk this round.

  4. It looks like it turned out great! I hear you, though – I made the TWD butterscotch pudding and made a huge mess with the food processor! I think that’s why I skipped this week.

  5. Great photo! I only made this one because I felt bad missing a week and because there was a chance my husband would eat it (he’s picky too!). In the end, I didn’t think the combination of the pudding and ganache works so I’m not sure I’d make it again.

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