SMS – Sticky (Cinnamon) Buns


I just love autopost, don’t you? I can have my post typed, edited and ready to go DAYS before it actually needs to be posted. It gives me the flexibility to post things on time while away from my computer.

Which is exactly what I’m doing. πŸ™‚

It’s Thursday. I am actually away from home. Hours from it. Away from this city. In a beautiful place that calms and relaxes me. Enjoying it in its glory. Granted, I’m probably lifting heavy boxes and bubble wrapping delicate things right now, but I’ll be sure to include some down time to enjoy the scenery one last time before the river house I’ve grown to love gets torn down. *sigh*


Anywhoooo. Sticky buns, you are NO FAIR. You gave me such a hassle and dirtied so much of my kitchen and you can’t even rise soft and fluffy for me? I’m hurt. Deeply. No, really. To the core.

It just wasn’t in the cards for me on this one. I tried. Ask the fiance, I tried! And I won’t give up!! I will divide and conquer! Ok, maybe not the divide part but conquer, I will!!

I opted for the cinnamon buns because the fiance actually likes them. And when I’m baking, that’s a BIG plus because he’s a very picky gentleman. I made my own icing with powdered sugar, a splash of milk vanilla and cinnamon and stirred until it was icing consistency. Then poured liberally.


Lessons I’ve learned:

* Read the P&Q section BEFORE you strike out on your own to make something new to you.

* DO NOT use a hand mixer to mix the dough. I almost broke mine, it makes a funny noise now.

* I could have used the knead cycle on my bread maker. But noooo, didn’t think of that now did I?

* If you knead it right, you won’t have to add too much extra flour.

* Check on your buns often. Not doing so will result in hard buns rather than soft and fluffy ones.


I’ll try these again with the above points in mind.

Conquer, conquer, conquer!!

Please visit Jen of Not Microwave Safe for the recipe. Don’t forget to stop by the SMS blogroll to see how the other bakers fared with this, hopefully they can give you better pointers than I can πŸ˜‰


14 thoughts on “SMS – Sticky (Cinnamon) Buns

  1. Thanks for baking this week! I’m sorry they didn’t work out terribly well for you, though. They look absolutely beautiful, though, I never would have guessed that anything was wrong! And your poor, poor hand mixer… Anyway, have fun packing (as much as that’s possible), and hopefully we’ll see you next week!

  2. Oh know, but the buns look so perfect in the photos! I overbaked mine just a tad too and I am finding this cookbook’s baking times are almost always way over. For something new like this, I think you still did a great job!

  3. Good luck on your quest to conquer these cinnamon buns! Honestly, yours look pretty terrific so I would never have known you had a problem if you hadn’t mentioned it. Hope you enjoy your time away from home πŸ™‚

  4. Your cinnamon buns look perfect! This was a recipe that I was glad I actually read the P&Q for – mine were done in only 25 min… I made the sticky bun version and loved them.

  5. The rolls look great, sorry they weren’t perfect. The last time the SMS group made yeast rolls they gave me endless frustration, so I made sure to check the P&Q section. Hope you enjoyed your weekend!

  6. hotovenwarmheart says:

    Hi hun!

    I think you’re being WAY too hard on yourself- your buns look just beautiful! I’m sorry they gave you such a hard time… there’s nothing like baking frustration to get you down. But you have such a resilient spirit, and you’re always ready and rearing to try again. I admire that quality in you so much, my dear! If you want to try Melissa’s recipe again, please let me know if you have any questions or concerns, and I’ll do my best to help you through any trouble spots. If you’re interested in trying a different sinfully sticky recipe, try the CI one I posted about… I can even give you a few tips before you start, so hopefully they’ll be foolproof!

    I’m so sorry to hear that your lake home is getting torn down- reading that broke my heart 😦 I’m glad you’re soaking up the calming surroundings during your final days there. I’m here for you if you’re feeling a little sad, though! I’ll do my best to cheer you up and make you smile (just like you ALWAYS do for me!)

    Hope you’re doing well, Jeannette, and I can’t wait to hear from you again soon. Have a wonderful rest of your week, and hopefully we’ll talk again after our pumpkin-themed postings!


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