SMS – Devil’s Food Cake


**Sorry for the photo, flickr is being weird!**

First things first: please remind me to NEVER make a mini muffin/cupcake ever again.

Make me promise, make me sign it in blood, I don’t care.  Please? Just save me.

This cake is the devil. Its moist and springy and chocolatey and delicious and every bit as devilish as the name promises. To my hips. Because I can’t stop popping the tiny, adorable little cupcakes into my mouth.

Thank goodness I skipped out on the frosting or I’d be in serious trouble! But these didn’t need it, in my opinion. As I said, moist… yummy… the works. But for curiousity’s sake I miiiiight make it one day. But not today. My hips are in enough trouble as it is.

This is definitely a show stopper. Make this as a birthday cake for that chocoholic lover in your life and I swear you’ll get whatever you want, at least while they are taking the first bite 😉

If you’d like the recipe, head on over to see Holly of Phe/MOM/enon and see how the other bakers did, as I’m sure they added frosting 🙂

There goes another one 😉


16 thoughts on “SMS – Devil’s Food Cake

  1. Wait, you didn’t use the frosting?

    I didn’t eat one so actually I wouldn’t know. It was pretty awesome though. The cupcake seemed like it was really good and it got rave reviews from my friends.

  2. I would have been in serious trouble if I made little pop in your mouth cakes..I had trouble staying away from big slices of this wonderful moist rich delectable cake.
    Im glad you enjoyed it even without the frosting. Im sure my hips,thighs and butt would be better off with out it!
    Your so right this would be an excellent bday cake for any chocolate lover!

  3. I would be in so much trouble if I had made mini cakes instead of a full sized cake. I did make the frosting, but you are right about this cake standing on it’s own.

  4. I don’t even like chocolate cake, but your description stopped me. My husband loves chocolate cake, so maybe I should try these for him. You make them sound great!

  5. Karin says:

    I haven’t had a chance to try these yet- maybe now that I haven’t had cake in at least twelve hours, I can sneak a taste at lunch since I brought them in to work!

  6. The flavor of this cake was just delicious! Love the little cupcake idea. I had to share in the form of minature cakes or else I would have tried to eat more then what I did. Btw, Karen’s peanut butter frosting recipe is so worth trying when you do make this recipe again.

  7. My husband always asks for minis because after he pops one in his mouth, he doesn’t feel guilty taking another. Go figure.

    I love your minis. They are adorable. There is something about a smaller size that gives it an appeal.

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