TWD rewind: Cottage Cheese Pufflets


I feel like I’m running on empty! I feel so scatter-brained and all over the place. Maybe it’s because my head is racing with thoughts of sugar plums and decorating for Christmas, the upcoming anniversary, thanksgiving, baking, and lots of stuff I no longer feel necessary to bore you to death with. You’re welcome 😉

I didn’t make this weeks Chocolate Caramel Chestnut Cake, although I would have LOVED to, I just couldn’t remember to pick up the missing ingredients, and even if I WOULD have, I managed to break my hand mixer. If you want the recipe for this weeks goodie, Head on over to Katya’s blog.


Instead I’ll post a TWD recipe that I missed posting about a while back. I made 3 variations as far as fillings go: apricot, raspberry and Nutella. Although I am a HUGE fan of Nutella, the apricot ones were my favorite!!

If I remember right, the dough was a pain in the patella!! But I clearly recall enjoying these in all their jammy glory. A note of caution though, eat/serve them the day/night you make these. The texture of the dough changes over-night.

The recipe can be found here. Enjoy!!



8 thoughts on “TWD rewind: Cottage Cheese Pufflets

  1. Even with all the busyness, you still made these (I think they’re complicating!). I never though about sauteeing apples with cinnamon sugar and then throwing them on top of cake. Thanks for the tip!

    It drives me crazy when the texture of baked goods change on the next day, but at least you enjoyed them on the first night.

  2. What a crazy period of the year for you! Your cookies sound and look delicious. BTW, TWD is allowing us to mix the recipes around so we can chose which one we want to bake for the week. Hope that helps. Good luck with all your events =)

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