TWD – Pecan Pie

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I hate pecan pie. Loathe even. Ha!!! What a way to start a post, eh?! Let me explain. Please?

Pecan pie was something that IF it was brought to a gathering (which was a rarity in itself) it was store bought. Yah. Enough said, right?!

Burnt pecans, gummy tasteless pie crust, cloyingly sweet filling whose texture is either grainy or slimy. I tried it, I did. And then… I stifled my gag reflexes the best I could.


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So you can understand my reluctance to make a pecan pie and then feel obligated to at least TRY it. On top of that, I was short on time (which is why I used a frozen pie crust, eep) and short 1/4 cup+ of corn syrup and just about freaked out because I was sure I didn’t have anything on hand in order to substitute. Thanks to Google I substituted it for clover honey. I left out the espresso powder, the chocolate, but left the cinnamon (I’m starting to think I have a problem…)

I cut a piece to photograph and instantly I noticed the difference in the filling. It was semi-solid and wonderfully aromatic. I squeezed my eyes closed and took the plunge. The dynamic that the honey gave the pie was LIFE changing.

I’m happy to report that I no longer have a fear of pecan pie. Well, at least when I make it 😉

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Thanks to Beth of Someone’s in the Kitchen with Brina for choosing this recipe. Head on over to her blog for the recipe.


8 thoughts on “TWD – Pecan Pie

  1. Ha…how exciting that you have a newfound love for pecan pie! Yours really looks delicious and I bet the honey made it incredible!! Great job! I really enjoyed this recipe too!!

  2. Your pie looks so pretty with the pecans so perfectly arranged. And with ice cream. I don’t usually like pecan pie that much either, but this one was amazing.

  3. Yum looks so good..sorry you don’t likepecan pie!
    Im sorry I did not bake with you this week , with the SMS group. I hope your caramels turned out good! I hear they are yummy! I hope to make them someday!

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