TWD – Mrs. Vogel’s Scherben

For some reason, wordpress won’t pull up on my computer right now. SOO I have decided to attemp using my blackberry to at least SAY that I did make the scherven.

If my computer is cooperative *crosses fingers* I will post pics tomorrow.
And an explanation. I hope you all understand.
Also, when writing this, the words are invisible on my screen so I hope there aren’t too many spelling errors 🙂


**Alrighty, time to update now that WordPress isn’t shunning my computer (well, totally at least).

I am a southern girl and I have never deep fried anything before. Yes, I live in Texas. Yes, I love it here (aside from the painful summer humidity). Yes, I indulge in some fried foods. No, I have not fried any myself.

Must be some stigma against setting my APARTMENT ON FIRE! Ha. All joking aside, I don’t much care for the smell or the process. I somehow manage to burn myself frying eggs, I could just imagine the worst case scenario with a whole ton of hot oil. Oy.


But, I braved the circumstances. Sadly, mine didn’t turn out too well. The only thing I didn’t follow was that I used veggie oil (it was either that or olive oil) and I only used about 2 inches (twas all I had left). They browned VERY quickly and didn’t crumple and twist and distort in my pan the way they appear in the picture. Without the powdered sugar, they are a bland but with it, they are better. My mom LOVED them though!! She said they reminded her of something my Oma used to make for her: they are soft in texture but the same idea. So I’m hoping she can show me how to make her version so I can share it with ya’ll!

Thanks to Teanna of Spork or Foon? for choosing this recipe and helping me over come my fear of setting a grease fire 😉 Go to her blog to get the recipe and check out her other goodies, I promise you’ll find something to suit your tastebuds!!


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