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You see, this was my Christmas gift from the fiancee!! An empire red KitchenAid Pro 600 series stand mixer!!!!!!! Complete with the 6 qt. stainless steel bowl and splatter cover, three stainless steel attachments, and a nifty little cookbook. Be still my heart!!

He made sure to buy it at the last moment so I wouldn’t accidentally(?) come across it at home. I came down the stairs to a HUGE box with a pretty bow attached. I knelt in front of it (skeptically, don’t ask me why. I honestly have no idea) and slooowly ripped the paper away.

Only to reveal the word ‘Kitchen’ and then I abruptly, and without warning, tore the package apart! I was so happy that I swear I almost cried!!

DSCN0063 copy

This was the ONLY thing I really wished for all year long, practically lusting after it, and I got it!

I’ll quickly mention that it took me an entire week to actually put it to use because I didn’t want to disturb its pristeen beauty with small, menial jobs such as mixing some egg into flour. But I broke this baby in with my last few baked goods and I LOVE it.

But then again, I knew I would. And so did Santa! And by Santa, I mean the fiancee 😉

DSCN0064 copy

Special note to my babe: I love you so much, and you know that I’m not a materialistic person, but this means the world to me!! You are a Greek God in my book. I don’t think I can ever thank you enough!!


Notice the poll on the top right, place your vote to help me choose my KitchenAid’s name 🙂 Thanks!!


8 thoughts on “SANTA IS REAL!!!

  1. congrats girl! My parents have yet to buy me my stand mixer, but then again, I would have a dilemma from using it. Perhaps when I move out from college and get my own place which seems in like forever!

  2. I know how you would have felt, I felt the same when I got mine(also red). Its been a lil over a year since I got it but I still cant get over the fact that its all mine. I cant explain the feeling. Just like you Im not a materialistic person, my kitchenaid is probably the most exp thing I own.

    Im so happy for you, congratulations and hope you have lots of baking years with it. A smile for you.

  3. That is so nice..what a great guy! I love the color red for kitchen appliances!
    You are going to love it! I got a Bosch mixer two years ago and Im telling you it’s the best. It’s hard to think how you ever baked with out it! I was so picky about my mixer whenI first got it. I remember tying to find the perfect spot on the countertop and moving it several times! I still leave it out, it’s to big to store plus it’s nice having it right at your fingertips!
    Enjoy your new toy and I can’t wait to see the first thing you bake with it!

  4. you lucky lucky girl!!! ((ok in all fairness i do have a kitchenaid mixer. but it’s just white and the standard, small home series…)) dont’ get me wrong, i’m so so grateful to have it!! it’s my other child. but really though, when i saw yours i seriously got a bit teary eyed!! oh i bet youre in baking heaven! 😀

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