SMS – Lemon (Walnut) Sour Cream Pound Cake

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Have you ever had that Zen moment in your kitchen when you just read the recipe once, grab your ingredients and everything comes together like magic? You quickly and effortlessly whip up something delightful like a true baking diva? Then you take that first bite of your baked good and it just confirms (if not deepens) your zenned out state?

That is this pound cake. It is pure Zen.

It came together in a flash, baked up in an hour and tasted nothing short of divine.

IMG01164-20100114-0829 copy

The only ingredient that irked me (and a lot of other bakers) was the shortening/lard in the recipe. Many subbed it for butter (you’d need to use 1 cup (8 oz) + 1 T of butter to equal 1 cup of shortening, thanks Hanaa!) but I decided that since this was my first time baking this recipe that I would just follow it and give the pound cake away. I will try it with full butter next time though, as I’m sure the results were great without the shortening. I also omitted the walnuts (I was in Zen mode, chopping nuts would have disturbed that!) but it turns out that one of the recipients is allergic, so it was fate.

I didn’t measure the zest (I just zested 2 lemons and it looked like plenty, plus a little extra kick is much invited!) but next time I think I’d up the zest as it didn’t have as much lemon flavor as I’d hoped. But it was still great! The texture was perfectly reminiscent of what a pound cake is supposed to be. And the glaze, oh the glaze. Mmmm. I ended up eating two slices and hurried to get the rest out of the house.

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Caution: this is diet dangerous!! But well worth those 5 extra minutes on the tread mill 😉

A big thank you to Raeann of Basically, Baby Boots for choosing this delightful treat that everyone loved!! You can find the recipe on her blog.

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Don’t forget to check out how the other bakers fared with this!


17 thoughts on “SMS – Lemon (Walnut) Sour Cream Pound Cake

  1. Your cake looks super moist and delicious! I skipped the nuts and the glaze and I agree with you – it could have used a bit more lemon flavor. I’m sure that won’t stop me from eating way too many slices though 🙂

  2. Your cake looks perfect, glad you had a happy baking experience. This was such a stress-free recipe, it just comes together so quickly and is yummy. I nixed the shortening and used yogurt, I’m sure butter would be better, though.

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