TWD – Chocolate Oatmeal Almost Candy-Bars

IMG01194-20100118-1511 copy

*CAUTION: If you are on a diet of any kind and you value the size of your waist… look away! For the love of all things holy LOOK AWAY!!!

Now that I have added my disclaimer, please proceed 🙂

These devilish little buggers are squares of delight! Oatmeal, chocolate, raisins, nuts… yum-o.

Changes I made: I halved the recipe and yielded 36 – 1 inch squares baked in a 9 x 9 pan. Although I halved it, I had a temporary lapse in brain function so when it came time to add the salt and baking powder, I accidentally added the full amount. Oops. I left out the nuts because I didn’t have ANY on hand (I guess that extra kick of salt came in handy after all) and I upped the cinnamon to a heaping tsp full.
1 2

And they came out lovely! Perfectly delicious, decadent, addictive little bites of pure awesome! Everyone here at the office liked them and the fiancee has just informed me that they are a big hit at his office too! He even used an exclamation mark, which he rarely does 😉

A big thank you to Lillian of Confectiona’s Realm for hosting and allowing her two loved ones to choose this great recipe! Head on over for the recipe. Don’t forget to check out the other TWD bakers as well!

Oh, and next time, there will be nuts!!! Oh, stop being so juvenile. *giggles*

IMG01198-20100118-1512 copy2

*Jeannette or any pictures/descriptions of The Whimsical Cupcake are not responsible for spikes in weight gain and/or obsession with these bars. That is all.


14 thoughts on “TWD – Chocolate Oatmeal Almost Candy-Bars

  1. These definitely are not for the ones trying to shed some pounds..OMG were they ever good. I had 6 of them left and I just gave them to a friend..I could not have them in my house a minute longer!
    Your bars are gorgeous!

  2. Yes, big, thick, caloric and way too many! 🙂 These look wonderful – you could easily quarter this recipe and have plenty! So glad you enjoyed them!

  3. Yours look great. After seeing a dozen different blogs and admiring each one, you have something the others did not. I am not sure if it is more chocolate in the filling or what but they look delicious.

    Whether one likes this cookie or not, it makes a good presentation. Let me change that. You made a great presentation.

  4. Wow, these really look dark and rich and chocolatey! Great photos. My guys loved them as well…as a matter of fact, they are begging me to make more, what’s a mother to do? LOL. Happy to hear you loved this one and thought the disclaimer was very cute.

  5. Hooray for raisins! Do try them with the peanuts next time; they were so good in these bars.

    It sounds like these could be voted “most popular treat” in offices across the country.

  6. oh yum, these look so good! It seems like in just the past few days I’ve found countless dessert recipes I want to try! Maybe I’m feeling deprived? 🙂

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