SMS – Red Velvet (cup)Cakes

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I’ll start this post by telling you a little embarrassing baking secret (I sure have a lot of those, don’t I): up until a few years ago, I always thought Red Velvet was the flavor of the Red Velvet cake. I never knew it was just chocolate cake dyed with red food coloring. Don’t laugh… too hard. When you grow up in a world where everything has a different name and you aren’t taught the in’s and out’s of baking… things can get confusing. I guess I was just enamored with the beautiful red cake to notice that it was just red chocolate cake.

Well, my cake isn’t very red. It’s more of a burnt reddish color. Mental note for next time: add more red food coloring!! I also had to improvise on some ingredients due to lack thereof. Read on:

buttercream… check
red wine vineagar… red wine vinegar?! Who buys this crap?!?!” *mumbles in futility*
*sniffs buttercream* “BLEGH! How long has that been…” *checks expiration date, gasps, chucks buttercream*

SO, I subbed equal amount of sour cream for the buttercream and just left out the red wine vinegar. I had regular white vinegar but something told me that it wouldn’t do as a substitute. I pressed on, praying to the baking gods for an edible cake-like substance.

10-20-08 102 copy

I didn’t have an occasion to bake a cake or a million cupcakes (according to other bakers, this recipe yielded a LOT of dough) so I made 1/3 of the recipe and still ended up with 31 mini cuppies. And OH BOY were they adorable!! I tried one two and they tasted like a moist chocolate cake… with an oddly not-quite-red-not-quite-brown tint to it. I sent them off to work with the fiance and they were gone before lunchtime… which is how I happen to measure my baking success πŸ™‚

A big thank you to Rosy of Rosy Lips and Lavender for choosing this recipe, as it was the first time I’ve made red velvet cake from scratch! Check out her blog for the recipe and the other bakers to see how they made out with this recipe.

And please, save me from my embarrassment and tell me something embarrassing in YOUR baking life. πŸ™‚

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14 thoughts on “SMS – Red Velvet (cup)Cakes

  1. These are so adorable! No cream cheese frosting? But I love the sprinkles!

    My embarrassing story. I dont really have one, but I do know that one of my closest friends in high school was much more of a baker in high school. I remember going over to her place all the time and baking [from a box]. Now, I rarely bake from the box…not never =].

    My roommates were trying to figure out what the “red velvet” flavor to the red velvet. haha. I guess its chocolate cake, but it’s different still. haha.

  2. Yours turned out super cute! I love the little heart candy on top. Glad you liked them! I didn’t have much luck with this recipe. I did my research and learned how to keep these puppies “red” but the taste was horrible 😦

  3. Hmmm, you want embarrassing? How about a few years ago when I called my MIL to ask her what a clove of garlic was…. It seemed like a perfectly reasonable question at the time, but now I can see the absurdity πŸ™‚

    I made 1/3 of the recipe this week too but went with full size cupcakes (it made 12). I’m impressed at your restraint in skipping the frosting! They look super cute with the hearts on top. I agreed with your review on these – good, but not great, though it sounds like your fiance’s coworkers were big fans!

  4. My embarrassing story is that time after time… no matter how much I bake… every once and a while I prepare a recipe, put it in the oven, and while I’m cleaning up, I find the bowl of flour that I never mixed in. πŸ˜› OOPS!!!!

    Haha! Your cake looks great, and I’m glad everyone at your fiance’s workplace liked them. They were well liked over here as well!

  5. Love your cupcakes with the little tiny hearts on them! So pretty.
    Embarrassing moments? I remember putting a cake in the oven and thinking the batter seemed thick, only to turn around and realize the eggs were still sitting on the counter! Happens to the best of us. πŸ™‚

  6. Mine weren’t red and I kept adding food coloring and it didn’t seem to help.

    Love the candy heart, too cute!

    Embarrassing moments….wow lots of them. My favorite was a number of years ago at our lake house. I made spaghetti for dinner. My niece and her friend were there for dinner. I serve up the first plate, put the meat sauce on the plate. My niece looked at me and said “Where’s the noodles?” Yes, I’d seriously forgotten to make the pasta.

  7. Oh I have too many embarassing baking stories to count! Constantly being terribly absent minded and forgetting ingredients… They look so adorable with the little hearts on top and I’m glad you liked the cake. Thank you for baking with me this week! R x

  8. I just wanted you to know I got those silicone heart shaped cups at Walmart for 9.00$! I saw in the Sunday Ad they have some Valentines baking stuff marked down. So if you have a Walmart go check it out! I love them and was so pleased how easily the cupcakes slipped out. You have to spray them with cooking spray and thats it!
    I love looking for baking stuff around the holidays because usually they have some really fun and cute items for sale.

  9. You are too funny! I always forget something in a recipe. That is what led me to start my blog! It has created a whole lot of new recipes. Ha! Your cupcakes are sweet-I love the little hearts, but I have to have the cream cheese frosting. I can do without the cake part! :oD

  10. Your mini cuppies truly ARE adorable~! Red wine vinegar was a different ingredient and I had to reread myself. Thank you for the compliment on my decorations but you know ~ your mini cupcakes are just PERFECT!

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