TWD – Rick Katz’s Brownies for Julia

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Brownies are probably my favorite thing to make. Simply because they are simple, usually use minimal dishes and each recipe with its different nips and tucks can change them from fudgy to cakey and everything in between.

I prefer dense, cakey, thick brownies over the ooey-gooey variety, which made me second guess making these. BUT I tried to keep an open mind to trying something new. Plus I knew I could always pawn them off on the fiance’s co-workers. 😉

They were well liked by everyone (except for me) but I won’t be making these again. It just didn’t take me to that brownie nirvana that I wanted. I don’t think even a dollop of mocha-chip ice cream could have saved these (strictly my opinion).

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I baked them for an extra 12 minutes and they were still very soft to the touch. So soft that when I went to LIGHTLY press my finger to the center that it went right through the brownie!! I remembered that they were supposed to be gooey, so I left them in the pan (hoping the residual heat would firm them up enough to cut) to come to room temperature.

I am still on the hunt for that PERFECT brownie recipe, so I’m curious to know if you have found your homemade go-to recipe… and if you’d like to, please share it 🙂

Don’t let my opinion of these brownies deter you from trying them, we may have different brownie needs. Head on over to Tanya’s blog, Chocolatechic and oogle her fantastic photos and her witty mannerisms, and steal the recipe. Thank you Tanya for choosing a different brownie recipe for me to try.

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18 thoughts on “TWD – Rick Katz’s Brownies for Julia

  1. mikejdunlap says:

    Sorry these weren’t the brownie for you – and that you saved your finger! They look great though – and I’m sure someone thoroughly enjoyed them!

  2. Sorry for the disappointment. I thought they were wonderful. I do have a perfect brownie recipe, I call it ‘The Last Brownie Recipe’, as it is the last brownie recipe I will ever need to try!
    I will post it soon. Keep trying!

  3. These look pretty perfect to me! I would have used these as the photo in the book, they look so perfect. Mine weren’t perfect, but the guys loved them, so I am counting this one as a win.

  4. These look so delicious! I’m sorry they weren’t brownie nirvana for you. Most of the ones I like are fudgy, so I don’t have a good cakey recipe. But searching for the right brownie is a lot of fun, isn’t it?

  5. Your brownies look awesome Jeannette – super fudgy and rich! I typically prefer cakey brownies too but this recipe won me over. You might want to try the whole grain brownies from King Arthur Flour – they’re more on the cakey side and since they’re made with ww flour you can eat a whole bunch and not feel guilty 🙂

  6. Your brownies look perfect! Brownie tastes are pretty subjective, this is the first Dorie brownie recipe I’ve really liked. I’m sure the fiance’s co-workers were happy.

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