My first cupcake paraphernalia.

Well, sort of.

A few weeks ago I had a good friend of mine, Ashlaree came over for some much needed catch up time. I baked as we talked and laughed and chatted about our daily lives. Then I stuffed her full of white chocolate chip sugar cookies. She took them without hesitation or complaint. Our relationship is great like that. 🙂

I happened to mention to her that blogging seems to be more tedious than usual. I asked her if it would be in bad fashion to simply post my pictures of the baked goodies and that be all?

She simply asked if I would like some blogging motivation, I (obviously) answered yes. And she presented me with this…

10-20-08 002 copy

It is adorable, quaint, and perfect in every way! It even has a pink cupcake liner, a delicious dollop of frosting studded with sparkly sprinkles and topped off with a bit of fudge sauce.

I squealed with joy and proceeded to hug Ashlaree to death. Don’t worry, I gave her a cookie to remedy her broken ribs 😉

Thank you again Ash!!


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