SMS – Easy Chocolate(chip) Mousse

10-20-08 141 copy

Happy Valentine’s Day/Happy Single’s Awareness Day… either way… Happy day 😀

Ever wonder “what are those three little words that women swoon upon hearing?”

Easy. Chocolate. Mousse.

I kid you not. Say it to any chocolate lovin’ chick and she’s all yours. This is perfect for a quick valentine’s day dessert. Just add a tablespoon or two of Kahlua into the cream mixture, make some raspberry sauce to go with it and you are all set!!

This was seriously easy. I made 1/3 of the recipe (which made for very small amounts of ingredients, which made it tougher for me) and it yielded 2 pretty red ramekins full of a delicious chocolate (chip) mousse.

I think I didn’t let the chocolate cool down enough because once I mixed the first bit of egg whites into the chocolate, the chocolate seized on me and turned curdly looking. Not appetizing. Needless to say I panicked and popped it in the microwave for 30 seconds hoping for a miracle. No miracle, but I pressed on figuring I’ve already gotten THIS far. I added the rest of the ingredients and they melded a bit and I ended up with a chocolate mousse studded with little round balls of chocolate chips. Not bad. 🙂

10-20-08 162 copy

I was going to add Kaluha (I forgot) and make a raspberry sauce but I didn’t have the time. I was also making brownies, sugar cookies (which I will post about soon!), marinating dinner for the next night and making dinner all at once. Whew. But there’s always a next time 🙂

A big thanks to Spike at Spike Bakes for choosing this recipe. I’ve never made mousse before and I’m glad that I had this learning experience! Head on over to her blog for the recipe and be sure to check out the other bakers’ results.

Please excuse the pics, I was in a hurry 🙂


10 thoughts on “SMS – Easy Chocolate(chip) Mousse

  1. WoW! I am shocked you were able to get this done with everything else you were preparing. Your mousse looks delicious and I totally spaced on adding a liqueur myself. That is okay because this mousse is a recipe I will remake again =)

  2. You are a busy baker! I had little chips in my mousse too…not sure what I did, but it turned out fine. I like the texture the chips give it. 🙂 Yours looks great!

  3. Wow, you’ve been busy! Your mousse looks terrific – glad you liked it! I’m not a mousse person, but my husband enjoyed this recipe. Definitely one that’s worthy of a repeat!

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