SMS – Sugar Cookies

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I heart sugar cookies. Mainly because it gives me an excuse to break out the cookie cutters!

Cookie cutters = fun!

I baked all of this months recipes in about a week to give myself some time to bake other things that aren’t “assignments.”

I baked these a few days before valentines day and kept them tightly wrapped in the fridge until I was ready to use the dough.

It came together very quickly, but was a pain in the patella to roll out. I tried avoiding the floury, messy surface and rolled between two sheets of wax paper but even after letting the dough rest on the counter for half an hour, it was still so cold and solid. BUT eventually I got it to a workable temperature, cut out my cute hearts and baked em.

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Only to be let down. There are ridiculously bland and (this may be my fault) oddly cakey in texture. I had to give these a flavor other than “bland” so I coated the tops in red and pink candy melts (melted, of course) that tasted like white chocolate. It made them edible, but not great. I packed em away with some brownies (I’ll post about those later) in a red tub and shipped em off to my sister and brother. I also added white chocolate chips to half the batter for my fiance as I was giving them to him as a sweet Vday surprise.

All in all, it’s not the worst thing that has come out of my oven, but certainly not the best.

A big thanks to Nina of Nina’s Cupcakes for choosing this recipe which was easy to throw together, which is always refreshing. Head over to her blog for the recipe.

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10 thoughts on “SMS – Sugar Cookies

  1. Thanks for baking with me this week! I’m a bit saddened that these weren’t a huge success with you. Regardless, they look amazing with the pink and red candy melts! I hope that your fiance, sister, and brother all loved them!

  2. Sorry these weren’t a favorite for you! Your experience helped a lot of us though I think since we all added extra flavor to avoid bland cookies. I love your hearts – I made a few too along with some cupcake-shaped cookies.

  3. The hearts are adorable! I didn’t get around to posting mine, but I dipped them in chocolate, ‘cos even with extra lemon and vanilla, they were pretty bland.

  4. These are adorable! I love using my cookie cutters as well, especially the heart ones. I have tons of diff sizes, and they always come out so cute! Great blog!

  5. They certainly look cute!! Very cute, actually! Too bad they didn’t meet your expectations, taste-wise. I didn’t make them cuz I don’t like sugar cookies.

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