TWD – Thumbprints (For Us Big Guys)

10-20-08 337 copy

I must admit, I used to looooooove the packaged thumbprints in the little baggies. You know the ones: buttery, crumbly “shortbread” dough, odd, hard and chewy “jelly” center. Oh yes, those! I devoured those. I don’t know WHAT it was about them, but I never could resist.

Thumbprints have been on my “baking to do” list for quite some time so I was happy that I no longer had a reason to push them off. I was excited! Which makes me sad to say that I prefer the packaged ones over these. I think it was mostly my fault, but the flavor of the cookies just wasn’t there for me. I might add some orange or lemon zest into the sugar next time for a much needed jolt of flavor. Also, I think I underbaked a bit too much (trying to be cautious) so my cookies were very soft the next day and started to fall apart. DON’T UNDERBAKE them too much. Trust me! You don’t want to walk around taking a bite of a cookie only to have it fall apart all. over. your. shirt. Jam-side-down. Not that it happened to me. I’m just sayin’ …

10-20-08 336 copy

I subbed walnuts for hazelnuts (didn’t have hazelnuts, although I’m positive that this would have been great with them), I used raspberry and apricot filling, I halved the recipe and made the cookies a bit bigger (since I didn’t want 30 cookies lying around) and it made 18 cookies.

FYI: I dusted the holy hell out of these cookies with powdered sugar but once I added the jam, it just sort of disappeared. See?

1 2

So in short, what I will change for next time:
quarter the recipe, make smaller cookies (they spread quite a bit)
work zest into sugar.
bake a bit longer until they appear more set.
use hazelnuts, fill with nutella.


For the recipe, head on over to Mike of Ugly Food Dude and be sure to check out the rest of the blogroll, as I have a feeling these came out better for them than me. It’s just my luck 🙂

10-20-08 343 copy


13 thoughts on “TWD – Thumbprints (For Us Big Guys)

  1. Your thumbprints look fabulous. We eat thumbprints every year around the holidays, and I’ve definitely had the fall apart and fall, jam side down right on to your shirt, thing happen to me on more than one occasion! I like all of the notes that you’ve made for the next time you make these cookies!

  2. mikejdunlap says:

    Wow, those are truly wonderful looking thumbprints. I like how wide the “well” is – the jam looks so delicious. And I’m definitely not waiting until the holidays to make these again. Nicely done!

  3. I like the last shot! I think making them bigger was a neat idea. Before I read the recipe, I thought they were really going to be bigger cookies for us “big guys!”

  4. I dusted my cookies with tons of powdered sugar too and the same thing happened – it became so much less visible after adding the jam! I had a similar “after” picture of the counter too.

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