TWD – Mocha-Walnut Marbled Bundt Cake

10-20-08 614 copy

Me and marble cakes have a love/hate relationship.

I love ’em. They hate me.

It seems that I’m either over-zealous when it comes to swirling the dough and then there’s no pretty swirly-ness, just… mess. Or I’m careful and I barely touch the dough when swirling…. the result? Just mess. *sigh* I will master you one day, marble cakes. mark. my. words. *insert dark ominous tones here*

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I alternated the chocolate/mocha and vanilla/walnut doughs and then stabbed the knife in, gave it one swirl and left it alone. I must admit that this is the most definitive marbling I’ve ever achieved, so I am a bit proud of myself. Next time, I won’t alternate the doughs and swirl once and see what I come up with!

Either way, this was fun and exciting and it was liked extremely well by the fiance’s co-workers. It prompted two of them to say “I wish my wife/girlfriend baked like this.” That’s the male equivalent of a compliment just in case you were befuddled there for a second 🙂

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A big thanks goes out to Erin of When in Doubt… Leave it at 350 for choosing this one! Not only was it a hit, it was fun!! Head on over to her blog for the recipe. Then click here for some tips and pointers. Then click here for other bakers who baked this as well 🙂

10-20-08 609 copy

Coming up next Tuesday: Swedish Visiting Cake on page 197


21 thoughts on “TWD – Mocha-Walnut Marbled Bundt Cake

  1. I’m really not an expert on marbling – but that looks pretty good to me! (if your fiance’s co-workers wish their partners would bake like that – I wish I could marble like that…)

  2. I think your marbled cake turned out pretty. Much better than I’ve ever done!

    I’m glad your coworkers liked it. I had to grin when I read that some of them wished that their wives/girlfriends “baked like this.” That is a true compliment!

  3. Halfie says:

    Yum!! This looks delicioso! I demand to try somethin of this nature. Anything with goopey chocolate is my friend (wif benefits!) Cuz you know… I eat it and… everything…

    Hey! that swirl formation looks like a teacup! *looks away*

  4. Oh yes, that pool of chocolate sauce looks fantastic – I drizzled chocolate on my cake too and it was delicious!! Marbling is hard for me too but we’ll get there eventually 🙂 I think your cake looks lovely!

  5. Those were nice compliments to receive, for sure! Nice job on the marbling! I also really like the full shot of the cake and that you can see the definition of the chocolate. Great job.

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