SMS – Northfork Peach Raspberry Pie

10-20-08 1183 copy


Happy Fourth of July everyone! I hope you are all enjoying hamburgers and hot dogs and apple pies. Root beer floats and cakes made to look like the American flag!


J – What was the last thing you ate?
Laura – Calzone.
J – What time?
Laura – Lunch.
J – Spinach?
Laura – Mushroom.
J – You need pie.

You get brownie points if you can guess the movie.

I love pie. It feels like I’ve stated this fact a bajilion times + 3 but I really do love it. I mean, what’s not to love about a buttery, flaky crust encompassing juicy, gooey fruit that falls all over your pie plate as you try to neatly cut a slice? Its heaven in a slice of bubbly fruit.

I never really made pie before this whole baking bonanza took over my life. And I never knew the joys of homemade pie crust. What a sad little life I had growing up.

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But, feel no pity for me as I am now in control of my yummies and I am happy to report that I will never buy another store bought crust again. I won’t jinx it, but I think I’ve got the hang of keeping it cooooold and working quickly. Rolling it out and shaping it…. ehh… that’s fodder for another day.

BUT IT DOESN’T MATTER! I have mastered pie crust. I feel complete. For now. Until the next time I attempt caramel. *scoffs*

Anywho, please don’t judge my photos this time ’round because… well let’s not sugar coat here, there’s enough of that on the pie… they are horrible. We are getting the aftermath of Hurricane Alex and that means dark as night skies and rain rain rain. Which ALSO means natural light? Nil. Honestly I don’t think that sunlight would have saved my pie anyhow seeing as it resembles… you don’t want me to go there… but it just doesn’t look appetizing.

10-20-08 1174 copy

I followed the recipe as it except I made the all butter pie crust instead because I have great luck with that one (and ran out of shortening because I buy it like, once a year. Ick.) And I added a bit more sugar to the top of the pie crust. Cus you know, life is sweet and all that jazz. 🙂

Thank you to Rebecca of Beurrista (how witty) for choosing this recipe! Head over to her blog for the recipe! Just make sure not to use slightly mushy white peaches as it will end up looking like…..

Oh yah, you don’t wanna know 😉

10-20-08 1169 copy


2 thoughts on “SMS – Northfork Peach Raspberry Pie

  1. Looks great! So happy for you that you don’t have to buy those premade pie crusts. I realized that I will have to do that for now until I decide to make pie crusts. I think I will just wait until I have lots of time and more patience than I have now.

    Yours looks great regardless. Hope you’re safe after the hurricane. We, in California, have lovely weather. Sunny!

  2. Isn’t homemade pie crust the best?! I only do all butter (yes, an all butter snob I am) even though I know using some shortening makes the crust easier to work with. Your pie looks great, by the way!

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