I wanna know: where do you get your baking crap?

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So, I just ordered a few things that I need for my usual baking routine from King Arthur Flour.

Oh how I love, no ADORE, no…. WORSHIP their black cocoa that Margot sent to me as a surprise gift along with an autographed copy of the Baked cookbook. Not like I’m gloating or anything…

But that 12 oz bag of black cocoa has lasted me a ridiculously long time and I don’t make chocolate ANYTHING without it. I love it.

So I ordered more. Ya know, just in case.

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And as I was scanning their goodies, I spied some cute cupcake liners. But the price seemed a bit… off… to me. I know at the grocery store they are cheaper and less cute. Therefore I automatically realize that buying cute ones online will be a bit more expensive.

HOWEVER, I’d like to know where you buy your cupcake supplies from. It’ll give me a chance to get to know you a bit better and give me some great places to oogle and comparison shop 🙂

Liners, sprinkles, cocoa nibs, the goods. Let me have it, let me know!

Where do you get your uber cute, sanely priced cupcake goodies from?
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2 thoughts on “I wanna know: where do you get your baking crap?

  1. Look at craft stores (like Michaels). Even if they don’t have everything you want, you should be able to find some neat things. Also check out Amazon. I’m lucky and have a local store with all kinds of baking supplies. I was out of town and went to a Sur La Table store and almost fainted when I saw the price of the cupcake liners!

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