SMS – Chocolate Raspberry Truffle Torte

10-20-08 444 copy

I knew this would happen. This aaaalways happens.

I prep to make a and notice that it is damn near the same thing as something I have previously made, save for a few slight differences. Then it happens…


The winner gets my unconditional affections. The loser, well… quite the opposite. If they fought, this might be how it plays out:

Contender number 1: Melissa’s chocolate raspberry truffle torte. Contender number 2: Dorie’s soft chocolate raspberry tart.

10-20-08 450 copy

Round 1: #1 and #2 stare each other down. #2 strikes with the delicate creamy texture against #1’s average texture. #1 hesitates…

Round 2: #2 strikes with the ease of preparation and hands on assembly. #1 takes a devastating hit due to the egg whites and tempering. #1 stumbles…

Round 3: The gloves come off and #2 strikes the last blow with the perfect balance of fruit and creamy filling. KO!!

So you see, I prefer Dorie’s version over Melissa’s. To be fair I’m only comparing the filling. In my opinion, there was too much fuss with not enough reward. The results were similar but since both filling textures were that of a truffle, I’d choose Dorie’s based on ease, ingredients used, and final product. Melissa’s has potential, I think I’ll mess with it one day and see what I can come up with.

10-20-08 454 copy

Thank you to Jennifer of The Rookie Baker for choosing this recipe. Head on over to her blog for the recipe.

Up next week: Cherry Almond Granola. I am excited about this one but some ingredients really need to be swapped for me to make this, so nips and tucks it will be!


9 thoughts on “SMS – Chocolate Raspberry Truffle Torte

  1. I love your pictures of your tasty looking tart..yum! I had to pass on this one..I may try it one day. I do prefer Dories recipes..seem to be better tasting!
    Im so pumped for the Granola..I love it!!

  2. Your tart looks great with the shaved chocolate! I didn’t get to make this recipe this week, but I’ll have to keep Dorie’s recipe in mind if I do.

  3. I love your whipped cream with chocolate shavings! Your comparison of the two chefs is FUN and brilliant. I know what you mean about fussy for tempering the eggs before whipping them up. Great post! Shandy

  4. Your posts always make me laugh Jeannette – I should hire you to write mine for me 🙂 I skipped the raspberries in the torte (so my picky husband would eat it), and it was too rich for me. Intensely chocolate desserts like this just aren’t my thing so I probably wouldn’t make this one again.

  5. Gloria says:

    Love they blow by blow action in your post! LOL. I didn’t get a chance to make this….but based on the mixed reviews of the group I think you just convinced me to try Dorie Greenspans recipe! Your torte looks gorgeous!

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