SMS – The worst plum clafoutis ever known to man

10-20-08 491

I’m quite certain that my flop was my own fault so don’t let me deter you from picking up your cast iron skillet and whipping this up.

By then end of this, I just wanted to whip someone WITH my cast iron skillet. But I digress…

The idea was great in theory: sauteed cinnamon-sugary plums enveloped in a soft cakey batter. While visions of sugar plums danced in my head… Instead I was given scrambled egg scented, curdled batter that after 45+ mins (I stopped counting after 40) was still underbaked (although it tested done, mind you) and all I could think about was that the ONE time that I find BEAUTIFUL, ripe black plums that don’t cost an arm and a leg… they go to waste. Mainly because I wasn’t going to salvage them from their curdly doom.

10-20-08 492

Well, that and the whole mess fell onto my counter and floor while I tried to flip it onto a cake stand. See?

10-20-08 484

Hey, cast iron pans area heeeeeeavy.

I might try this again someday. After I find out what the hell I did wrong. It would have been so pretty too. I artfully arranged the plums and everything!! Not that you can tell…..

10-20-08 494

I find it important to share the flops and fails as well as the winners. It builds character, don’t you think?

Thanks a ton Michelle for choosing this recipe. It sounded SO great and I wanted it to work SO badly as this was to be a little birthday cake for my mom BUT alas… no dice. Head on over to her blog for the recipe (posted on Sunday.)

Up next week: Mom’s French Pancakes AKA ‘Crepes’ AKA ‘the most delicious vehicle to your mouth, I promise!’


12 thoughts on “SMS – The worst plum clafoutis ever known to man

  1. You poor thing, how frustrating! I just overbaked my Tuesdays with Dorie shortbread cookies and I cut the baking time back by 4 minutes. That is after mixing the dough, rolling the dough in the plastic bag as descripted, refrigerating over night then baking two batches at once. The cookies do not taste too edible and I may be trying again.

    Well, your filling does look a lot like a clafoutis should. Did you taste it? Your plum clafoutis looks pretty tasty, kind of like a pancake with baked fruit (which is what mine tasted like). Next weeks pancakes will get you right back on track!

  2. You’re right — it builds character and it also makes the rest of us feel okay if we blow a recipe once in a while! I hate wasting great fruit too. Sorry it didn’t work out!

  3. Oh boy. So sorry to hear that. Once you figure out what went wrong, do let us (those that didn’t make the clafouti) know 🙂 I’m looking forward to next week’s Crepes (I love those things).

  4. Sorry it didn’t turn out. Wonder what went wrong? We all have those FAIL’s. This is a great recipe, hopefully you’ll give it another try. Yes, those cast iron pans are HEAVY!

  5. Gloria says:

    LOL! Definitely a character builder. And yes, cast iron skillets are heavy! 😉 Sorry to hear it didn’t work out. We take the bad with the good and keep on baking!

  6. I’m sure mine was in the oven for a bit longer than stipulated too… Thank you for having the courage to post this- I love the way you described it! Please try it again sometime (perhaps with a little less fruit- I have found too much fruit means the batter can get clogged up with not enough space to meld together if you kwim!)

  7. Oh and PS- I’m sorry but I laughed at the counter/floor mishap- that has happened to me so many times too and always when I have been meaning to mop the floor but figure I’ll just wait until I’ve baked!

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