TWD – Peanut Butter Crisscrosses

10-20-08 022 copy

I do love three day weekends. I love them so so much.

But its a love/hate kind of love.

I love the extra time I get to spend at home with the fiance. Doing nothing. Well, cleaning, baking THEN doing nothing.

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I hate how I feel like I’ve lost a day and my Tuesdays are out of whack. Example: I baked these babies up last week. I planned to have the post written up and ready to go BEFORE right now. BUT I forgot, and it is Tuesday. So here I go posting cookies that I thought I would be preparing on Monday (not today) but instead I’m rushing and posting them Tuesday (today)

Did you get all that?

Good, you deserve cookies!

4 3

The flavor of these are great! The fiancé even had two! Count ’em TWO!! On his own free will! He said that these were awesome! I swear I almost shed a tear of happiness. True story!!

These keep well, have a beautiful texture (crispy edges, soft chewy centers) and a sugary crunch. They are easy to whip up which explains why I made the original AND chocolate versions. Cus when life gives you a chocolate option…. you just don’t question it.

10-20-08 032 copy

A big thanks to Jasmine of Jasmine Cuisine for choosing this great recipe! Head on over to her blog for the recipe and whip these up for your dessert snob fiancé 😉

Up next week: Cranberry Upside-Downer. I’ve been waiting foreverrrr for this one!!

14 thoughts on “TWD – Peanut Butter Crisscrosses

  1. Your cookies look great! And that chocolate version is so tempting… Thanks for baking with me this week! Helping converting dessert snob man, one at at time…

  2. Yup, chocolate is always a good choice. You are the first one I’ve seen who went with the chocolate version, and they look fantastic! I’m glad they were such a hit!

  3. Yours is the first chocolate version I’ve seen. Both kinds look great! I was thrown off this week too – I thought I had another day to write my post!

  4. Both versions look delicious! I always write my posts up at the last minute and then can’t remember all the witty things I wanted to put in my post.

  5. That looks like a perfect peanut butter cookies! And the chocolate version is definitely one to try sometime. I added chocolate to mine (chips and Butterfingers). GOOD!

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