TWD – Coffee Break Muffins

10-20-08 117 copy

These are THE best.

There’s not much more I can say. There really isn’t much more that I HAVE to say. But I’ll pick a few of my favorite words and leave the rest up to you:

Muffins. Quick. Easy. Moist. Delicious. Crowd-favorite. Coffee. Chocolate. Tender. Addictive. PERFECT.

Are you getting the picture? I hope so.

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I have horrible luck with muffins. Every recipe that I’ve tried has turned out to be a bit disappointing, texturally. I end up with either a dense and heavy crumb or a light and airy crumb that’s too reminiscent of cake. But these, these babies are what all muffins should strive to be.

An espresso flavored dough studded with chocolate chips (my own addition) makes for the perfect breakfast treat or mid-afternoon snack with a wonderful cup of coffee. Both the fiancรฉ and I took these to work and they didn’t last.

10-20-08 114 copy

First thing in the morning I was greeted with two texts: one stating that this is the best thing I’ve ever made and another asking if the muffins were laced with crack, because they were addictive. Need any more incentive to make these? I didn’t think so ๐Ÿ˜‰

10-20-08 121 copy

Head on over to Rhiani of Chocoholic Anonymous‘ blog for the recipe (click here) or buy the book, I promise you’ll love it! And be sure to check out the other TWD bakers’ opinions/variations on this great muffin!

Up next week: Tarte Fine. Baked apples!! I LOVE baking french pastries. I walk around my kitchen dictating the recipe (to myself) in a crummy french accent. Oh the joys of baking ๐Ÿ˜‰

29 thoughts on “TWD – Coffee Break Muffins

  1. Yum these look incredible! Im so glad everyone liked them and that’s funny someone thought they were laced with crack! Im glad they turned out so good for you! Im going to try the coffee version next!

  2. Well, I’m always looking for new muffin recipes, but the way you described these definitely sold me! I’m not even in the TWD group and I find myself either making or wanting to make half the things I see you guys making!

    • If you love coffee and muffins… these are the ones for you! You won’t regret it! Some additions I’ve seen are chocolate chips, toffee bits, oatmeal crumble on top, simple milk/sugar glaze… but these are great alone if you are a purist ๐Ÿ˜‰

  3. LOVE your muffin cups! Totally cute and yep I totally missed the boat by following the recipe to the letter. For some reason I do that as a standard of measure. These just call out (scream out) for chocolate. What was I thinking?
    Great job and thanks a million for your kind words. Awesome job.

  4. I was busting up laughing over the muffins laced with crack comment! Your muffins “do” look moist and perfect! Love your pictures showing just how perfect the muffins baked up too.

    You know, your mocha-ccino is pretty close to what Pierre would have called the coffee hot chocolate if a coffee shop were to make a cup of this. Now that I have read your twist, I can not for the life of me remember how Pierre called it. I’m going to have to go look before the thought drives me over the edge =).

  5. They look like perfect muffins to me. I debated between using chocolate chips or cinnamon chips. I chose the cinnamon, but either one would be delicious. Glad they worked out for you.

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