MSC – Snickerdoodle Cupcakes

10-20-08 075 copy

I have grown a fondness for snickerdoodles. Even after the initial disappointed of finding out that the cookies had NOTHING to do with Snickers themselves.

But I do love them. In all their cinnamon-sugary glory.

And now I can enjoy them in a cupcake too! Win-win!!

These are super simple, super tasty, light and fluffy.

10-20-08 073 copy

The first time I made these, I made them into minis and glazed them with a simple confectioners sugar icing.

The second time I made them I skipped the frosting and topped them with a sprinkling of brown sugar (when they baked up, they has a nice sugary crunch in various places). Perfect for breakfast 😉

Yes, I’ve made them twice. Yes, I’ll make them again. Who knows, maybe with frosting and tiny snickerdoodle cookies as garnish 🙂

10-20-08 909 copy1111

Thank you Katie from Katie’s Cakes for choosing this great cupcake!! Find the recipe in Martha Stewart’s Cupcakes book or here on her website.


6 thoughts on “MSC – Snickerdoodle Cupcakes

  1. I felt like I was hiding under a rock because I only recently discovered snickerdoodles. They are so freakin delicious and these cupcakes look like they won’t disappoint either.

  2. Frosting and mini snickerdoodles as garnish?? That is one heck of a genius ideas – wish I’d thought to do it this week! Your cupcakes look terrific, glad they were a hit.

  3. THOSE look sooo good! So does the rest of your pictures. My wife will never see this I’ll end up weighing 300 lbs in no time…I’m sure of it! (AKA: I’m sure she’ll probably want to see this so I’ll show her in a little while) Great food pics.

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