TWD – Peanuttiest Blondies (and playing catch up!)

10-20-08 328 copy

I swear I’ve been baking along. I even have the pictures as proof!! I feel like I’ve been SO busy keeping up with the Jones’ that my blogging suffers. I’ll be posting a double whammy of a post for the next two entries to catch up and get back into your good graces.

Hey, I’m trying to make amends here. You’ll forgive me, won’t you?

How about now?

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3 4

These peanuttiest blondies are darn good!! I skipped the extra peanuts, mainly because I’m lazy and I LOOOATHE chopping nuts. I also ramped up the salt to 1 tsp which gave it a nice salty edge to compliment the peanuts wonderfully. I over-baked them just a tad, so next time I’ll take them out 2-3 mins sooner so they’ll be softer. Even if the darn tester still comes out gooey. Sometimes gooey is welcomed, right?

(Recipe here, Thanks Nicole!!)

Moving along…

All American Apple Pie:

10-20-08 290 copy

5 6

7 8

10-20-08 312 copy

10-20-08 314 copy

Please don’t laugh (too hard) at my pie. It won’t win any beauty contests, that’s for sure. I think I may have filled the crust with too many apples and the steam holes weren’t sufficient to let enough steam out. And that means that it basically exploded a bit. But not all over my stove, thank goodness! It just looks like an earthquake ravaged my pie leaving giant cracks around the perimeter. Boo for that, but lemme tell you, this pie is DELISH!! Totally helps you to ignore the cracks. Don’t believe me?

Go make this pie. Grab a slice. Sit down to this post, pie in hand. Look at pics again. Now, tell me…. do you REALLY care? 😉

I used tapioca flour instead of the pearls as I couldn’t find them (again) and it worked just fine! I imagine that you could sub equal amounts of corn starch or flour to thicken the filling. PS, You can’t even FIND the graham crackers… believe me, I tried!!

For the recipe, head on over to Emily’s blog, Sandmuffin. Or simply click here.

Up next week: Not-Just-for Thanksgiving Cranberry Shortbread (and Caramel Pumpkin Pie, to catch up!)


17 thoughts on “TWD – Peanuttiest Blondies (and playing catch up!)

  1. I buy the pre chopped nuts cus I hate chopping too! Your picutres of the blondies and the pie all look great! Im glad your having such nice fall weather too..I can see how pretty it is outside!

  2. I am with you on the nut chopping…hate chopping round ones passionately, flat ones like pecans a bit less. Your blondies look fantastic. I want one! And I think that homemade apple pies are the best…that slightly irregular appearance is so beautiful to me.

  3. Better late than never! I get the posts up but am SO behind in my reader. Hate that.
    Your blondies look great. I do think a little less time in the oven. I check them at 33 minutes and there was just a little on the toothpick, so I followed along and baked another 5, but I’ll bet they would have been great at 33.
    Your pie looks great, too. I love the leaves around the edges.

  4. Your photos look wonderful Jeannette! And I totally believe you that the pie was delicious despite any oven explosions 🙂 I absolutely loved that pie, wish I still had some left. The blondies were ok for me, but I wish they’d had more pb flavor. I did think the baking time was tricky. I kept mine in for longer than I should have, but luckily they didn’t dry out too much.

  5. They both look great! My pie was lumpy like that too, but I thought it looked neat! I’m with you on chopping peanuts, but I did it and I thought they were good in the blondies.

  6. I really want a slice of apple pie now, it looks great! I found it impossible to get a slice photo of that pie, mine was messy. The blondies look wonderful, too. I am not sure if mine were the right doneness, but they disappeared quickly at my office, so I guess they were okay.

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