SMS – Strawberry Muffins with Fresh Lemon and Rosemary

10-20-08 336 copy

Rosemary makes my heart skip a beat. I don’t know what it is about that spice but it’s powerfully aromatic and strong flavor sets my taste buds alight.

The pairing of rosemary and strawberries seemed a bit odd to me but I figured this was one muffin I wanted to try.

10-20-08 337 copy

These muffins worked out pretty well this time. Usually the dough is thick and heavy and much too dry and dense to be considered muffins but the baking fairy must have waved her magic wand because these were moist and fluffy. Although, I have realized that I’m not a big fan of chunky strawberries in my baked goods. Next time I think I’ll puree them and fold it in at the end.

The flavor pairing is weird but it works! If you’re feeling adventurous, try these!

10-20-08 335 copy

For the recipe, head on over to Shandy’s blog Pastry Heaven. While you’re there, oogle her baked goodies. They are drool-worthy!


3 thoughts on “SMS – Strawberry Muffins with Fresh Lemon and Rosemary

  1. The flavor combination did intrigue me this week, but I couldn’t find strawberries that looked decent so I sat out. I’m glad they turned out well for you, this recipe can be so finicky!

  2. I ended up skipping this week but that flavor combo is tickling my fancy. I’ll take your tip of pureeing the strawberry when I do as I don’t care for their texture when they are baked.

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