TWD – Cranberry Shortbread Cake (catch up!)

10-20-08 099 copy

First, the name of this dessert is technically ‘not-just-for-thanksgiving cranberry shortbread cake’ but that’s a mouthful I wouldn’t wish upon my worth frenemies.

Second, I know what you’re thinking: shortbread and…. cake? Yes. It IS possible and yes, it is as phenomenal as it sounds.

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Cranberries are dolled up with sugar, fresh orange zest and orange juice and cooked down until you have a beautifully thick, dark and sweet/tangy compote. Then it is spread between two layers of shortbread crust and baked until the magic happens in your oven.

I decided to go the square pan route which makes sharing this a bit easier. I also threw in 4 ounces of frozen black cherries and 2 tablespoons of strawberry preserves because I wanted a slightly thicker cranberry filling.

10-20-08 088 copy

The result: bliss. Buttery delicious shortbread layers sandwich a delightful fruit filling. Amazing. Completely Thanksgiving table-worthy!!

A big thanks goes out to Jessica of Singleton in the Kitchen for choosing this recipe!! I told you I’d get around to it 😉 Head on over to her blog for the recipe, or simply click here. You’ll want it. Pinky promise.

10-20-08 102 copy


9 thoughts on “TWD – Cranberry Shortbread Cake (catch up!)

  1. Oh man, seeing your photos makes me miss this cake. I loved it so much too, and sadly gave most of it away. Granted, I probably would have eaten the entire thing myself had I kept it… Glad it was a hit for you too, this one would have been a bummer to miss!

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