Day 6: Oh Baby Bars

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When it comes to chocolate, I prefer mine fussy. No, not in a ‘throwing a tantrum because I didn’t buy her a new barbie doll’ kind of way. But more in a ‘I don’t prefer my chocolate plain’ kind of way.

To me (and I’m sure a LOT of you will disagree) chocolate pairs well with SO many things: nuts, orange, mint, raspberries, banana, caramel and most importantly peanut butter.

Chocolate + peanut butter is the new black. Just don’t tell Jelly, she’s not taking the news very well.

It’s Day 6 of my Christmas craziness Extravaganza. I’m baking my way into Christmas with loads of inspiration and goodies for you.

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These were a bit of a flop for me. A sweet, perfect, indulgent delicious flop. Otherwise, whyyy would I share this recipe with you? Silly people. But by flop I mean that these didn’t go as planned. Mistake #1: I halved the recipe and decided to make it in a 9×9 pan. If you halve it, make it in a 8×8 pan. Heck, do yourself a favor and make the whole pan. Mistake #2: I didn’t measure out the chocolate. Then I didn’t keep an eye on my chocolate when melting it. Therefore it seized, I think. I forced it to spread with my spatula but it wasn’t pretty. TASTY, but not pretty. Mistake #3: my peanut butter ‘paste’ wasn’t pasty at all! It was hard and doughy. A bit tough to spread but that could most definitely be baker-error! All in all, not really a big deal because these taste like a wonderful easy-peasy peanut butter cup.

And, a holiday rush bonus: no baking required!! Amazing.

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Oh Baby Bars
Adapted from Eat, Live, Run as seen on Tasty Kitchen

2 Tablespoons Dark Brown Sugar
1-⅓ cup Powdered Sugar
¼ cups Butter, Softened, Plus 1 Tablespoon, Divided
¾ cups Creamy Peanut Butter
7 ounces, weight Semi-sweet Chocolate
4 ounces, weight bittersweet Chocolate

Blend together the brown sugar, powdered sugar, 1/4 cup butter and peanut butter until it reaches a smooth paste-like consistency.

Press into the bottom of a 9×13-inch pan.

Melt the chocolate with the remaining tablespoon of butter over very low heat (or in a microwave). Pour melted chocolate over the peanut butter crust and stick in the fridge for an hour to harden.
Cut into squares and serve!

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Shipping Safe: YES. I’d suggest either keeping one solid layer of these or if you’re going to stack them, separate them with pieces of wax paper.
Make Ahead and Freeze: YES. Make and freeze, place in tightly sealed tupperware until ready to ship, eat, nibble mercilessly.


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