TWD Rewind – Midnight Crackles

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Sometimes I wonder how I can let so many things slip right through my fingers: glasses filled with cranberry juice, workouts, and blog posts are just among the many things to elude me.

Althought there isn’t much I can do about spilled cranberry juice, I can start to get caught up on some blog posts.

Starting with these cookies that I missed posting about three weeks ago.

I had to have a little fun with these so I glammed them up a bit to give them some personality and texture. I coated some in powdered sugar, raw sugar, valentines themed sprinkles, and left some plain.

Picture 176 copy Picture 200 copy
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My cookies didn’t spread as much as I thought they would but that might be my fault as I added a scant 1/2 cup of flour because my dough was very sticky,  adhering to the sides of the bowl rather than pulling away from it. The extra flour gave them sturdiness which made them perfect to work with and thankfully didn’t take away from flavor. Who knew that cloves, cinnamon and chocolate would yield such amazing flavor? I’ll definitely be making these again!

I’d like to extend my thanks to Laurie of Slush and Julie of Someone’s In the Kitchen for choosing these as I probably never would have tried these this soon. You can find the recipe here.

Also, happy belated 3 year anniversary to Tuesdays with Dorie!! Thank you to Laurie and Julie for keeping this crazy lovely thing going strong. And thank you to Dorie for giving us a great book to bake from like the mad maniacs we are!

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5 thoughts on “TWD Rewind – Midnight Crackles

  1. Your cookies look perfect! I tried to coat some of mine with sugar, but they didn’t come out looking anywhere near as good as yours. Regardless, Shane still happily gobbled them up.

  2. Halfie says:

    Dude! These looks friggin deliiicious! All of them! I demand a bag filled with these so I can reach into it and stuff them in my mouth whilst mumbling maniacally, ‘my precious”.

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