Toasted Almond Scones – TWD

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It’s Tuesday and a million thoughts are running amok in my head.

Like how good Activia Desserts yogurt is with a dollop of whipped cream… for lunch. Or how I should really be finishing book 1 of the Harry Potter series instead of click-clacking away on this. Or how I’m kicking myself for having eaten my very last sweet potatoes last night. Or how I’m too lazy to go to the store today to get more. Or trying to remember what day Big Bang Theory comes on, I just love Sheldon! Or how I really need to find a scone that I absolutely love.

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Scones, to me, are more like a sweet biscuit. Maybe I’m just making them wrong but mine usually come out on the crumbly side and lack…. something. Maybe it’s oomph? Maybe if I added chocolate…

Orrrr, maybe I’m overworking the dough and not measuring my ingredients correctly. *shrugs*

Either way, the flavor of these were great! I ran out of almonds so I subbed the rest for pecans. I used all almonds to make “almond meal” (which was chunkier than that which you can buy at the store, but hey… I love texture) and I used a mixture of almonds and pecans to make up the difference. I skipped the almond topping and opted for a coating of heavy cream and a sprinkling of turbinado sugar. Best decision of my life.

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Straight out of the oven, these were pretty good. Fagrant and certainly nutty. Tender and barely sweet. (As the days passed, they did not maintain their tender texture but rather yielded to the crumbly side. Otherwise known as the dark side *enter heavy breathing*)

All in all, they were good. Not enough to WOW me and make me sing the scones song from the mountain tops, but good.

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I guess I’ll just have to continue my search for my perfect scone. Oh, woe is me 😉

I’d like to thank Mike of Living Out West for choosing this recipe. It certainly is nice to have not only a variety of recipes within the month but that the recipe is simple with minimal ingredients.

For the recipe head on over to Mike’s blog (or simply click here)

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18 thoughts on “Toasted Almond Scones – TWD

  1. !!!WOW!!! 🙂 I’m glad these scones made it into your day – so many thoughts going on! 🙂 They look wonderful Jeanette – especially with the pecan addition (love them)! What nice photos too – thanks so much for the bake-a-long today, great post!

  2. They look really tempting with jam! They’re definitely best the day they’re made – I had one the next day and it was good, but not as good as the fresh one.

  3. Your photos of these scones are great Jeanette! I always find it hard to photograph foods that are this color, but you’ve got it down. Another Sheldon fan here, Shane and I watch that show religiously every week 🙂

  4. I thought these were good, but not my favorite scones either.
    These are—
    This recipe can be used for a base for any mix-ins for scones. Love all the ways I’ve tried it.

  5. What a cute post! Your scones and photos look fantastic! I especially love the last photo. What a great idea to mix pecans in with the almonds. I want to try that.

  6. Well, you made them look great, even if you weren’t bowled over by them! I agree that they were best fresh, and I didn’t even let mine cool off before eating them. The jam looks wonderful–is it apricot?

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