Corniest Corn Muffins – TWD

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I’m a Texan. And us Texans take cornbread seriously. Just about as serious as we take our chili.

Even with being so serious, there’s still a million ways that us Texans make our favorite chili (beans vs no beans, tomatoes vs no tomatoes, etc) and there’s a million ways we like our cornbread (corn vs no corn, sweet vs savory, etc) so in the grand scheme of things, it really just comes down to personal taste.

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And this Texan doesn’t like ‘corny’ cornbread.

Texture is very important to me and my tastebuds. Corn kernels are not welcome in my cornbread and I like it on the sweet side, thankyouverymuch.

But some cheddar and jalapeños works as well. Too bad I forgot this time around.

I guess I’ll have to make these again. With some chili 🙂

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I halved the recipe, doubled the sugar and omitted the corn kernels. I decided not to use the nutmeg and used veggie oil instead of the corn oil due to accessibility. The half recipe yielded 6 adorable tasty cornbread muffins. Definite repeat.

Head on over to Jill’s blog, My Next Life for the recipe (or click here)

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8 thoughts on “Corniest Corn Muffins – TWD

  1. OMG, that pat of butter looks amazing… Beautiful muffins! I think it’s so funny how split people are about cornbread. I feel a little left out that I like it every which way!

  2. teaandscones says:

    I liked them with corn, but they would be great with cheese, onions, bacon. Oh, bacon. Next time. Love the last shot of the empty paper.

  3. Nowhere in my copy of this recipe does it say to perch a slab of butter the size of Rhode Island on top of a muffin…lol lol. So, I am going to insert that in pen immediately because it makes them look just that much more delicious!

  4. I baked my muffins in those same papers! Great minds 🙂 Laughing at Kayte’s comment on the RI-sized pat of butter.

    Let’s bake together again soon! Pumpkin pizza dough on Friday?

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