Citrus Cranberry Sunshine Muffins – TWD

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One weekend away from the blogging world can put you so out of touch.

But I am happy to report that my three-day weekend was completely worth it. I’ve been in dire need of a change of scenery, just to get away from the big city and sit on a ridiculously beautiful balcony and stare out at the water and think about absolutely nothing. Just… be.

And I was.

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The hubby’s birthday fell on our weekend getaway. I usually make him a cake or something to celebrate but this year was pretty low key (and I wasn’t convinced he would eat it all anyhow) I did make these muffins and although he didn’t eat any of the muffins (and neither did I) he certainly wasn’t above taking a picture with them 😉

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They came together SO quickly and the batter tasted amazing. It was bright and just sweet enough. I didn’t have the dried currants called for in the recipe but I figured that dried cranberries went just as well with the citrus flavors in this muffin. They smelled amazing coming out of the oven and were THE perfect texture.

I’ll definitely have to actually TASTE one of these next time I make them.

Thank you to Lauryn of Bella Baker for choosing this recipe. Click here for the recipe.

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9 thoughts on “Citrus Cranberry Sunshine Muffins – TWD

  1. Great photos! Another cranberry muffin… I simply must try this version. And kudos for your “vacation”…. everyone needs that now and then!

  2. I used to bake all the time and not taste things, but I can’t say that’s the case now. These were excellent so you will certainly want to try these again!

  3. Happy belated birthday to Tony! I’m glad you guys had a nice weekend away. Sometimes you’ve just got to escape your everyday life. The muffins look great, I did cranberries too. They weren’t my favorite Dorie muffins but tasty anyway.

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