TWD – Raisin Swirl Bread (rewind)

10-20-08 977 copy

Today’s post is supposed to be bright and sunshiny muffins.

Obviously, this isn’t a muffin post. No currants and not being a HUGE fan of muffins, I opted out of these and decided to go with something that I missed posting about the first time ’round. (But for the citrus currant sunshine muffins head to Lauryn’s blog, Bella Baker)

Raisin swirl bread. Oh you are my enemy. I love to eat you when you’re soft and plain. I love to eat you toasted with butter… toasted with nutella, with jam… you get the idea.

10-20-08 976 copy

This loaf of bread is a blight upon my kitchen. I’m glad it’s all gone now. Or I’d be in serious trouble. Again.

There’s a bit more work involved in getting this into the oven than a regular loaf would need but it is worth it!! If you’re feeling a bit naughty, toss in some small chocolate chunks along with the raisins. Yum!!

You can find the recipe on Susan’s adorable blog, (click here for recipe)

10-20-08 978 copy


2 thoughts on “TWD – Raisin Swirl Bread (rewind)

  1. OMW this looks fabulous…would you look at that perfect swirl? The outside/inside, all of it absolutely gorgeous! I would say you own this one.

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