Peppermint Marbled Loaf Cake

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Sometimes all you need to cheer you up after a long morning is a few blogger friends to suggest baking something delicious together. You need to bake this anyhow as it is your next assignment, so why not? The only thing you have to lose are bragging rights that you typed and posted at 11:59pm on Tuesday night. So you dive right in (what the hayyy) and do it. And you are rewarded with not only smiles and a better mood, but a lovely marble loaf for your “trouble.”

And by “you” I mean me. 🙂

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Kayte was the first to answer my stress signal on Twitter. And although we could probably form the procrastination club together, I’d like you all to know that we baked this on Thursday. That’s right… not Monday night. And it was perfect timing as I could save me two slices and pawn the rest off onto my mom.

She will think that it’s a nice gesture and that I love sharing my baked goods with her but truth be told, I just need this damn cake out of my house, it’s SO good!! (Hi Mom!!)

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I went with the mint version which consists of white chocolate-mint and bittersweet chocolate swirls of lovely cake dough marbled together perfectly in a loaf pan. I didn’t have any trouble with this cake, although at one point I was afraid that I’d have a cake explosion on my hands, everything went smoothly. Even if I did accrue extra dirty dishes.

Slice this cake real thick, top with ice cream and caramel sauce (and chocolate sauce too, if you’re fancy like Margaret :P), dig in and slap yo mama. But not really.*

I’d like to thank the lovely Tracey, Kayte, Margaret, and Mary for brightening my day, even if they had no idea they were doing it.

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*Disclaimer: The Whimsical Cupcake (AKA: Jeannette) does not, in any way, condone slapping your mother. This may result in unfavorable consequences and/or a time out.

For the recipe, head on over to Carol from The Bake More. (Click here to go directly to the recipe).

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7 thoughts on “Peppermint Marbled Loaf Cake

  1. Wow, that looks really great! I love the volcano look. Thanks for baking that day as I am pretty sure if you had not been willing to bake, I would have put it off until Monday or later…I can’t believe we had it done on Thursday!!! Maybe we should try for two weeks in a row. I could bake after school, around 4:00 on Thursday. Possibly. (Oh, btw, I don’t condone slapping mothers either, lol.)

  2. You are just the sweetest – you always brighten my day when we bake together too! 🙂 I thought I was going to have a cake explosion on my hands with this one too (you’ll notice a distinct lack of photos of the uncut loaf in my post), but it all worked out. My cake is going to my mom too, for pretty much the same reason, this one is dangerously good!

    Macarons Friday??

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