Happy National Fudge Day – Cookie and Cream Fudge!!

I am not a big fudge fan. I think it’s the texture because it most certainly isn’t the amazing array of flavors it can come in. It’s sturdier than a cheesecake, creamier than a brownie, much more dense than a cake. Maybe that bothers me. I’m grasping at straws here.

But just because I don’t like fudge doesn’t mean that YOU don’t. So I’m not going to be selfish and withhold the ONLY fudge recipe that I have made and LOVED. Because that would just be rude. I mean imagine if I alone held the key to turning the world’s biggest fudge hater into a fudge LOVER?! I couldn’t live with it if I kept this to myself.

I made this for Christmas this past year and used candy cane oreos but I imagine that they work just as well with regular Oreos, Halloween Oreos, Eater Oreos, Mint Oreos, Golden Oreos or even Peanut Butter Oreos. Go wild!!

Happy National Fudge Day everyone!!


Click here for the recipe!!


3 thoughts on “Happy National Fudge Day – Cookie and Cream Fudge!!

  1. Very smart of you to hold this post for National Fudge Day, and very sweet of you to share such a winning fudge recipe. I love fudge (don’t have many texture issues) and this one looks amazing!

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