Chocolate Spice Quickies

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Baking in my kitchen can go 1 of 3 ways.

Hover Mode: I check the book a million and three times to make sure I’m proceeding as written, that I have added EVERYTHING I need to, and that I am making no mistakes. Slightly obsessive, slow paced, afraid.

Middle Mode: I read the recipe all the way through carefully at least once (hopefully without distractions) and retain most of the info and check back every so often to make sure I’m proceeding correctly. Cool, calm, collected.

Pro Mode: I read through the recipe once, maybe twice and proceed as I’m pretty damn sure I should. Careless, fast(er) paced, confident.

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I made these cookies utilizing Pro Mode. I don’t know WHAT was going on in my head but for some reason I felt like a pro and I proceeded as such.
And I made every single mistake that I could possibly think of. Seriously.

I made the dough for these cookies COMPLETELY out of order. I mixed the flour and dry ingredients, tossed in the egg or butter (I’m not sure which order anymore) and once I decided to check what the next step was, all that escaped my mouth was “crap!” But I decided that I wasn’t going to be deterred and pressed on hoping for at least edible cookies.

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Well, I’ve just eaten 3 and the raw dough end pieces (you know, those funky shaped ends) so I’d say they are freaking tasty.. They are soft, bespeckled and delicious.

They are fab plain, but toss in a small scoop of vanilla (or toasted marshmallow. Recipe coming soon) ice cream and make ice cream sandwiches and you’re in heaven. (Or just toss them in a bowl with some ice cream to make it easier). Either way, tastyyy.

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A special thanks to a fellow Texan, Jessica for choosing this recipe. Head on over to her beautiful blog, My Baking Heart for the recipe (or click here to go directly to it). I will be making these again!!


7 thoughts on “Chocolate Spice Quickies

  1. Well those look delightfully pro! Laughing at you eating the end raw dough pieces…one of Matt’s jobs…I miss him for so many reasons, but this being one of them for sure. I would always stick them in a baggie in frig for him to snack on, I guess I could throw them in the freezer until he comes home at Thanksgiving, right? Okay, I digress…your cookies look wonderful and could I just have a big scoop of that toasted marshmallow ice cream…that looks wonderful!

  2. Jeannette – I usually end up with the best of treats when I go in “pro” mode, but come out “frantically unorganized” mode. These look super! I LOVE the square shape – how DO you do that??? I always try to get them square but they look rather mis-shapen. And these WOULD make great IC sandwiches – perfect of heat we’re having now.. things to make note of! Beautiful cookies!

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