What 9/11 Helped Me Remember

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I debated all day about writing this post. Would it be too controversial? Too commonplace? Come across as too insensitive, picked apart, taken the wrong way? Then I went through the entire day and everything I witnessed gave me the courage to write it.

Today was a great day.

In spite of everything that happened on this date, 10 years ago, today was a reminder of the common woes of all Americans. Stay with me, it will all make sense.

When 9/11 happened, it was a tragedy. It was unspeakable. Many great and brave people died, a lot wounded and everyone impacted. Every. Single. American. Impacted.

It reminded me of the unity we found that day, ten years ago. Unity that I think we forgot about going along with our lives judging, banishing, misunderstanding. One split second later, everything changed. We depended on the help, information and comfort of total strangers. We welcomed it. We remembered that we were all just people. Beating hearts.

Today, I was lucky enough to attend the Texans game where I witnessed the most beautiful rendition of TAPS on the jumbo-tron and I was instantly united with all the other fans and players of various teams across the United States who, in that exact same moment, were doing the same as I: watching, listening, thanking, crying.

And as that 100-yard long American Flag was beautifully spread across our field and Clay Walker started singing our National Anthem, we all sang along. Remembered, held hands, comforted. Once again, ten years later, we stood united. We remembered.

Unfortunately it was a travesty that united us, but it is pure and simple human choice to stay united long after. 9/11 reminds me that we’re not so different, you and I. And THAT, makes it a good day.

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One thought on “What 9/11 Helped Me Remember

  1. I’m glad you wrote this post, Jeannette! It’s important for us to remember not just what happened but how we became better people right afterwards. And as you remind us, we can choose that better side of us, even if it takes a little bit of prodding.

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