Thursday Things

Although I’m fairly certain that you don’t come here for my random musings, but rather the sugar, I’m going to let you into my world a bit.

Nothing wrong with a little personalizing of my blog, is there? I’m going to take your silence as approval 🙂

1.  I got my nails done today. The polish on the tips of my fingernails matches the polish on my toes. This hasn’t happened since I was in 7th grade. It’s a shimmery, wine-y, plum-y color. It’s purty: Midnight in Moscow by OPI


These are not my nails. [source]

2.  Today’s high temperature is 73 degrees. 73 people. This is something to celebrate. This weather makes me want to drink wine, wear shades of plum and leather gloves and walk around pretending I’m fancy.

3.  I bought two pounds of fresh mission figs and although I had a plan for them, I am now second guessing it. This is also my first time buying figs. So maybe it’s separation anxiety? Does such a thing exist with figs? I’m not ready for them to leave the nest yet.

4.  I’m weird.

5.  If all goes according to plan, I will hopefully be visiting my first apple orchard on Saturday. I fully intend on leaving with 10 pounds of apples. Tony might try to talk me out of it… ain’t happening.

“‘Beam me up, Scotty.’ What a load of hooey.” – Sheldon Cooper

I think that’s enough for one installment of weirdness. Have a good one y’all!!

❤ J.


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