Saturday Stuff

I just ate 8 Hershey’s Kisses with almonds for breakfast. I’m not kidding.

I spent several days in the kitchen to bake Christmas goodies and realize I might have started too soon. I hope all of these goodies will keep until I can give them away.

I am currently reading this book. I don’t know what it is about trilogies and sagas but I power through the first few books, and it never fails, I get stuck on the last one. Like my subconcious is telling me that once I finish it, that’s it. It’s the end. No more book for you!! It’s rude. And quite annoying!!

My obsession with glitter has finally invaded my fingernails. I just bought gold and silver glittered nail polishes. And I want so many more. Christmas wish list, amen.

Reading the above statement, I realized that I am also picky about the TYPE of glitter I like in my polishes. I don’t like the glitter to be added to a colored base. I also don’t like there to be a large ratio of base to glitter. If I paint it on my nail, I want the glitter to be prominent without having to swipe the brush 9 times.

Reading the above statement, I realized that I am insane. And picky. But mostly insane.

Holy WOW Christmas is tomorrow!! May all your gifts be wrapped, cards be mailed, and dinner be made by someone else. Merry Christmas Eve!!


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