Foodie Pen Pals – MAY

The Lean Green Bean

It’s reveal day!!!

As you all may remember, I joined foodie pen pals for the first time last month. I had an amazing first month so why the heck not do it again?


This time my foodie pen pal was from Washington! Aly from Fudging Ahead did a great great great job getting me a delicious mix of goodies!!


Just as last time, I tore into it almost instantly with a child-like sense of adventure. I smelled a certain something and I had a feeling I already knew what it was!

COFFEE!! from Seattle. Duh, cus they’re know doe that stuff, ya know! I’m not a huge fan of drip coffee. I don’t even have a coffee grinder!! (I’m a Starbucks gal. I’m a bit ashamed.) But dang this stuff smelled SO good. I wrapped it up and I am storing it in the freezer until I can mentally part with it. I’m thinking of splitting the coffee between my mother and mother in law. They both adore coffee and I think they’d love some good stuff straight from Seattle!


Caramel Corn!! This stuff lasted longer than I thought it would. I was doing my absolute BEST to not eat it all in one sitting. Cus you all know that’s the kinda gal I am! And I LOVE caramel corn, like whoa! This stuff is made in Seattle and apparently this time of year, the farmers markets run rampant with it. I need to come ’round those parts just for this stuff. Amahzing!


Raspberry fruit strip! Raspberries are my fave fruit!! This is a super neat way to get my fruit in 😉


Chocolate!!! I love me some chocolate. Duh. The neat thing about this is that it’s bean to bar right here in America. There aren’t very many chocolate companies that do that! I have this bar stashed in my desk at work for chocolate emergencies. I’m trying to make it last. Dark chocolate and sea salt? ohmahgah!!


Chocolate hazelnut? I swear, Aly knows me.


BROWNIES!! Aly said that after persusing my blog a bit, she kinda sorta got the idea that I might like brownies just a tiny bit 😉 Well, she was absolutely right!! And these were amazing. I’m normally not a fan of fudgy brownies but DANG these were so so so good!!! Bonus: she gave me the recipe! I’ll be making these here pretty soon!!


And lastly, a super sweet note. Honestly, out of all the things in the package, the note is always my favorite. I love seeing the handwriting, so different from mine. Reading the kind words and imagining what she would sound like reading it to me. Learning new things about the place she’s from and that it’s hot there too 😉


Thank you SO much Aly, it really was a perfect package. I sincerely hope we keep in touch. Nothing like meeting new amazing people!!

If you’re like me and you’re curious to see what I sent my foodie pen pal, head on over to Andie’s blog Sea Salt ‘n’ Pepa. She is super sweet and all too kind!! We can def be friends 😉


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