TWD – Cafe Volcano Cookies

IMG00686-20091214-1421 copy

I promise you that I have never photographed anything as ugly as this. I mean these are uuuuuuugly.  Then again, I don’t think I’ve ever MADE anything as ugly as this.

I mean, suuuure cakes have fallen. Bundt cakes exploded (don’t ask). Soggy cheesecakes. Burnt-beyond-recognition cookies.

But this, this is in a class of its own.

IMG00688-20091214-1421 copy

They look like… like…. gosh I can hardly bring myself to type it and send it out into cyberspace. Fecal matter. There, I said it. And I will never say it again. Scout’s honor.

They taste, well… they weren’t MY favorite (least favorite Dorie recipe actually) but my nutty lovin’ mom liked em so they couldn’t have been THAT bad.

I think it would be fun to get pictures from all my readers of all the things gone awry in their kitchens. I see far too many perfectly photographed pictures of food and IIII knoooow that I’m not the only one in the kitchen who has those flops. These cookies gave me an idea for a monthly (or heck even weekly) spot on my blog: Ugliest Baked Goods Contest. There are no prizes (yet?) except for the satisfaction that you are not alone in this. SO, if you’re interested in being showcased for a few laughs (I’ll be posting mine as well) send me an email ( with a picture or however many you deem necessary. How often I post depends on how many pictures I get. 🙂 Bake on and photograph those flops!!

IMG00673-20091214-1414 copy

Visit The Lonely Sidecar for the recipe and a cute post about her tie to these cookies.

Not that you WANT to see, but more pics are here.