(Not So) Manic Monday


As I have previously mentioned, life is hectic. This isn’t news to you as I’m sure your life is probably more hectic than mine (I probably just whine about it more than you do!) When life gets hectic, I list. I’m a lister. Seriously, if I don’t have two different sizes of notepads and three different sizes of post-it notes within arms reach, I could spontaneously combust. I’m not joking. I was once interviewed for a job and my way of reassuring them that I could handle anything was to say “…as long as I have a limitless supply of sticky notes, I’ll figure out the rest.” Truth.

In the spirit of my NEED to make lists and to-do’s and scribble crap on any piece of paper within my grasp, I decided that I’ll start a little series on Mondays dedicated to my listing addiction. I haven’t figured it all out yet, but I’m thinking anywhere from my fave finds in the internet world, to lists I make in life, to doodles I draw on a foggy mirror. This will be an adventure and a journey to break up the monotony of strictly food blogging.

Who knows, this might turn into something inherently swell.