SMS – Snickerdoodles!


Let me start off by waving caution banners wildly in the air and yelling “DANGER!!!”


Yes, these cookies ARE that dangerous. Dangerously DELICIOUS! Take it from a woman who is her harshest critic… these are chewy, cinnamon-sugary, melt in your mouth monsters! And I can’t seem to stop eating them.

My batch yielded 32 cookies and I swear I’ve eaten more than half the batch all. by. myself. I’m not ashamed. But I won’t hold my breath for that thank you note from my mid-section.


They were ridiculously easy to throw together! Again, take this from a woman with snickerdoodle experience. My first shot at them (following a different recipe) was a DISASTER! Think puddles of cinnamon butter that crusted into a paper thin, completely inedible mockery of a cookie. I still shudder to this day at the very thought. *shudder*

But you, my dear reader will have success with these! Scouts honor! You might already have everything you need on hand! The hardest part is waiting for that never ending hour to pass as the dough cools in the refridgerator. My cookies were beautifully done at 11 minutes (the directions didn’t say to switch the cookie sheets for even baking, but I did half way through baking).

*my baker’s note: my cookies usually fall flat and are never chewy so I took some precautions to ensure that these had a fighting chance. Here are my personal tips if your cookies tend to fall flatter than you’d like:

  • Buy new baking soda. Better safe than sorry.
  • Refridgerate the dough for the entire noted time. You’ll be glad you did!
  • Work quickly when rolling the cookies and pop them back in the fridge (entire cookie sheet and all) for a few mins before putting them in the oven.
  • DON’T overbake!! Keep a close eye on the cookies. You want slightly golden edges but a pale center.

Visit Spike’s blog Spike.bakes for the recipe.

My blog was supposed to be posted yesterday, and I apologize that it wasn’t. I wasn’t feeling well and I couldn’t get myself to a computer. Better late than never??

Click here for more pictures of these cookies.