TWD – Sweet Potato Biscuits (erm, cookies)


This will be a short(er) post than normal. I don’t have much to say regarding these biscuits. In a few words…

They didn’t rise.


SO I decided to market them as soft sweet potato cookies. I told the story and offered them to my coworkers and they were well received!! So,

I think my biscuits went south because I used a glass cup to cut the biscuits rather than a sharp biscuit cutter. I must remember to invest in some of those!

So, lessons I’ve learned:

* Don’t over-handle the dough. Stop JUST BEFORE you think its done.
* I need to invest in biscuit cutters AND a pastry cutter.
* Check the expiration date of your baking powder/soda BEFORE you bake.
* I must make these again. Simply because they tasted so good (and because I had tons of fun mashing up the sweet potatoes!)


For the recipe please visit Erin’s blog Prudence Pennywise and oogle her delicious goodies!! And for a better visual of these biscuits, visit the TWD blogroll!