TWD – Cran Apple Crisps

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I think I have a secret apparent love affair with all desserts with funny names. For those of you who need examples:






Slump… Get the picture??

Each incorporates fruits and makes them practically irresistible to me.  Now if only I can invent a fruit dish and call it a “Whoopsy” I think my life would be complete!!

So naturally I was all smiles and sunshine when it came time to make this weeks TWD recipe. I didn’t change much about the recipe: I doubled the cinnamon and subbed the ginger for nutmeg, added some cinnamon to the cran-apple filling, and added chopped almonds to the crumble topping. And boy, let me tell you… this was GOOD!!

S5002803 copy

I don’t think I have ever fully appreciated the cranberry in anything except juice UNTIL NOW! I’m a changed woman. Changed I say.

Their tart tanginess dances beautifully with the sweet apples and crunchy-nutty-aromatic crumble topping.

My only regret? Not having vanilla ice cream to top it off with. 😉

You KNOW you want the recipe, so head on over to Em at The Repressed Pastry Chef and take a gander at her delish goodies.

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13 thoughts on “TWD – Cran Apple Crisps

  1. The topping on your crisps looks so delicious!! I’m a sucker for a good crisp too (or really, any dessert with baked fruit) so I can relate to your love affair 🙂

  2. Your crisp look so good! I like the idea of adding almonds into the topping. I’ve never had a fool, grunt, or slump before.. I actually don’t know what they are so I’ll have to check it out. You’re right, this would be so good with icecream.

    Lucky you! I can’t preorder my New Moon ticket. The first showing isn’t even until 10pm on the 20th, which means it will be madness at the theatres. I’m debating on waiting a week, but I don’t think I can handle it..haha.

  3. I loved the cranberries in this crisp, too! I love almonds, so I think your version of the crisp is perfect. They look delicious, I may have to make this again soon!

  4. It looks so good and hot sitting on that oven! I love your topping it looks so wonderful and tasty! Im really looking fwd to making this one. I have heard nothing but good all day. I made the bundt cake this week and liked it. I think I will like the crisp better just cus I love crisps!
    I will remember to grab some vanilla icecream!

  5. Your crisps look great, adding almonds and extra spices is always an excellent idea in my opinion. Funny names make the desserts even better, don’t they?

  6. teaandscones says:

    A whoopsy!! We will have to work on that one. Crisp looks perfect. I added walnuts to some and white chocolate to some. These were really good.

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