Chocolate Chunk Muffins – TWD

Picture 224 copy

Dorie certainly has it right when she says to embrace every opportunity to call chocolate breakfast. I agree x 57.

Chocolate is delicious. Especially as muffins. Even more so for breakfast 🙂

Picture 222 copy

Make these! They are tender, chocolatey, chunkity and a perfect Tuesday morning pick-me-up with a cup of hot coffee or cold milk.

Go on, be a kid. Have chocolate for breakfast!

Thank you to Bridget for choosing these!! Click here for the recipe!

Picture 221 copy


5 thoughts on “Chocolate Chunk Muffins – TWD

  1. If having chocolate for breakfast makes me a kid then I must be about 5 🙂 I had a slice of the chocolate bundt for a midnight snack last night too – I pretty much never turn down chocolate, no matter the time of day!

  2. teaandscones says:

    Chocolate for b’fast works for me. Anytime of the day works for me. Beautiful pic of those muffins. They weren’t as easy to photograph as they were to eat!!

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